Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DJ Ground and Pound


Nine F3RVA regulars made the decision to enter the gloom and make themselves better.  Weather was a balmly 45 degrees (70 and sunny) and this is what we did:

Mosey to center of AHS parking lot for COP.  Invisible Jumpropes, SSHx1(for THE Carpenter), DQs, Hillbillies all IC.

Mosey to curb for Step-up Timers.  1 minute of quick feet step-ups followed by 30 seconds rest.  Repeato x 5 with decreasing amount of recovery time.

Mosey to edge of parking spaces for some bear crawls and lunges.  At first parking space, perform 10 WWII situps and bear crawl 2 parking spaces to perform 10 American Hammers, Lunge two parking spaces and repeat until PAX has crossed entire parking lot.

Mosey to opposite edge of parking lot for Love Hill without the hill.  PAX partner up.  One partner perform exercises across parking lot while other partner runs to opposite side and back to partner.  Switch until team has crossed the entire parking lot.  Exercises included lunges, Broad Jump Burpees, and Crabwalk.

Mosey to side of school building for Chickerpecker Ring of Fire.  All PAX assume BTTW position.  First PAX member performs 5 chickenpeckers, then next PAX member performs 5 chickenpeckers until all PAX have completed.

Mosey past YHCs Jeepster to retrieve phone and bluetooth speaker and circle up in center of AHS parking lot.

Sally – To the song Bring Sally Up, PAX performs squats.  When the words Bring Sally Down are heard, PAX performs squats and holds in down position (Helix form) and PAX brings the squat up to Al Gore when they hear Bring Sally Up.

Roxanne – PAX on six with feet at six inches.  Everytime the name Roxanne is sung, PAX performs LBCs x Q counts.

Thunderstruck – Everytime PAX hears Thunder, PAX performs merkins and holds plank.

Length of parking lot suicide.

30 seconds of Burpees.

Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out with a prayer.

NMS : YHC is usually known for including a lot of running during his Qs, but YHC decided to change it up a little.  Ground and pound it was as the PAX never left the AHS parking lot, except for a few feet for the Chickenpecker Ring of Fire.  Which, by the way, I still like saying Chickenpecker and the entire PAX crushed these, with only one of two members passing out after being upside down for that long.  The exercises to the songs were not new to the PAX, but I do not think we have ever included all of them in the same workout before.  What better way to liven up a ground and pound, (and get the day going), than to hear Thunderstruck at 6am.  Definitely got YHCs day off on the right foot.  Great job by the entire PAX this morning.  Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead.

Circle K


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  1. Great Q Circle K! Glad to have you back in DaVille. I thought doing squats during Sally would better than Merkins, I was wrong!

  2. This morning was a ton of fun out there. Thank you, Circle K! The beatdown hit all the right notes and left us desperate for oxygen. We are all better for it!