Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Thanksgiving of Rocks


Two intrepid souls, ( and 7 wandering deer) arrived at Batteau for a Rock oriented beatdown to celebrate the First Thanksgiving in Virginia which occurred on Dec 4, 1619.


Mosey to Tennis Courts for COP
SSH, Stretch, Imperial Walkers, Stretch, Merkins, Stretch, Arm Circles

Mosey to pick up Rocks( Big ones)

Mosey Back to Tennis Court,
Cross over Merkins & Bear Crawls & Duck Walk to move Rock and Backwards running, 4 intervals.

4 Corners
Curls, Tricep Press, Overhead Press, Rows: Swap Rocks – Repeat

Run 2 laps, with and without Rock, Backwards with Rock, Swap Rocks

4 Corners 4X
Cross over Merkins, Backwards run, and Merkins Moving Rock on each round. (THIS SUCKED)

Lunge to Return Rocks

Mosey to Minutes of Mary

Sippy took us out.


YHC was patiently waiting while 7 deer were grazing by the field by the stone house, at 0527 YHC thought perhaps it might be a solo effort this am. At 0529, Sippy rolled in to disperse the deer.

Mumblechatter was light this am due to the fact while one of us was counting the other was doing cadence; although, discussions of the 100K were prevalent during the first mosey.

Congrats to TYA and Swirly for doing something that YHC will never do while still sane.


2018 Reese Strong 5K – see Phonics to sign up.


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  1. Sipp, Thanks for being there today, my Solo plan would have been no where near that level of speed nor intensity.

  2. Agreed. It was “fun” to discover together how hard it is to run backwards carrying a rock. This was one of the best beatdowns of recent memory. Thanks for pushing me today, brother!