Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Hoedown without Music



A lucky 13 posted to Hoedown for a hoedown that went something like this:

Mosey to the field for Disclaimer and COP.  YHC is out of practice Qing and rather out of shape, so consider looking to other PAX for proper form.

IC: Hammer Dance x20, Elf Hammer Dance x20, Arm Circles forward/reverse/big/small, Moroccan Dance Party x20, Crabcakes x20, Breakdancers x20, Men at Work x20

Mosey to the sloped blacktop for Macarena Merkins.  One revolution, two revolutions, then three revolutions. Al Gore Dance Party for the six in between sets.

Mosey to the back of the cafeteria for Backside Blast Triple Check.  Dwight Howards, Rocky Balboas, and a run around the bus loop.

Mosey back to the field for 4 corners.  Abyss Merkins x10, Lieutenant Dans x10, Derkins on the swings x10, Pullups x10.  Two laps.

Mosey back to the VSF for Mary.  Flutter kicks IC x20, MC American Hammers x15, American Hammers x15



Prior to the start, YHC’s car was nearly obliterated by a donation truck.  Soon after, a PAX posted in a furniture truck and another jumped the curb in his SUV.  It seemed like a lot of testosterone on display for a bunch of dudes about to do the Macarena.

Some PAX were sure that Upright APDs would make an appearance, while others did not consider them a dance move.  As it is the season of hope and anticipation, the PAX were left hoping and anticipating.


Slurpee VQ at Hoedown next week!


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  1. Fine Q today Offshore. We could really see the the influence of your youth…MC Hammer.

    Fudd’s singing always adds a little something to any workout.

  2. If you saw the PAX today, you are likely to agree that MC Hammer Dance and Moroccan Al Gore should be in the bucket of all things safe, legal, and rare.

    The stellar verbal effort the PAX put into the 3rd round of Macarena merkins conjures up imagined echos of the witching hour in prison.

    Great Q Offshore.

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