Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

10k x 10 = 100k…Woof!


2 stubborn stalwarts, one superfluous Saab, and an (oral?) thermometer-carrying Circle K descended upon the Devil Dog 100k in Prince William State Park.  The following is a comprehensive and irrefutable summary of observations from this completely impressive and utterly grueling event…more or less.

  • Ultra marathons are aptly named…they are a beast and test both the physical and mental aspects of one’s fortitude.  TYA and Swirly demonstrated their ability and resolve to overcome and conquer any challenge.  T-Claps to you both for completing the Devil Dog 100k…Sixty Five miles +… (yes it was longer than what your conversion chart will tell you).
  • Having just run one loop in the dark in freezing temperatures, YHC was reminded of the “Barclay” and what those runners had to go through after completing a loop – only to have to repeat it in the dark.  One finds that when a runner has covered a loop for the third time – under sleep-deprived and excessive-fatigue conditions – each loop is a new experience.
  • When attending such events it is important to remember that courtesy is paramount and one must remember that the staff are volunteers and not indentured servants.  Although no such behavior would come from our F3 brethren, it is amazing how poorly some (outside RVA) treat some support staff.
  • On a lighter note, the running community is a great one, both those who participate and those who volunteer.  Everyone is welcoming and always eager to help.  Support staff at the Devil Dog were terrific.
  • Many thanks to our VA state park system. Their restroom stalls are the warmest one would find …absent periodic interruptions from Circle K who was keeping YHC apprised if his arrival plans and thermometer selection.
  • This race brought back personal memories of Bel Monte and Bear Creek (well done guys!!).
  • Thanks to Circle K for making the trip up as soon as he was available….Always there when you need him.
  • TYA is quite the charmer…particularly if you are providing food and drink and happen to be a cute female.  (For the record, no selfies were taken and no hands were inappropriately placed.)
  • There is such as thing as a “virtual” colonoscopy…all one needs is a bicycle pump and a remote location to release one’s compressed air.
  • In times of emergency, one will apply Bag Balm as necessary…even if it is not on one’s own nips.

Again, it was a privilege.  Well done gentleman.

Saab abides.


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  1. Nice work, TYA and Swirly. Way to get through it.

    Sorry to hear your colonoscopy was not virtual, Saab. Bummer.

  2. Semper Fi … The “Devil Dog” was the nickname given to the US Marines by the Germans during fighting in WWI. The fought like Dogs of Hell with such ferocity…Swirly and TYA To complete an off road Ultra that takes Ferocity of both Mind and Body. So much Respect… ultimate Lion Heart .. well done