Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spirit Animal Hard-On


26 mighty F3 RVA men and 2 2.0s posted for non-stop effort at Dogpile.  A small shoutout to our two brothers that have set out to conquer the Devil Dog 100k.


Start out running down the access road and switch to some dynamic warm up and “Watch out for Flipper coming in hot”.  Butt kickers, high knees, slide left, (thanks to those Cha Cha slide fans calling out the next round)  Criss Cross – karaoke left, flip direction.  CIrcle up at the end of the Carillon field for Cotton Pickers, Crab Cakes and flutter kicks.  Somewhere in there the first burpee timer went off – Start with 7 burpees, 5 more every time it goes off, more on that # later.

Mosey to the western traffic circle for the Golden Triangle – 10 Alt. Shoulder Taps, Bear crawl to the end of the median, 20 Bobby Hurleys, run down the hill, 30 Carolina Dry Docks, Run Backward back to the circle for 40 Freddie Mercuries.  SSH for the 6

Partner up for Touch a Tree Dora – 100 Makthar N’daiyes/100 Monkey Humpers/100 Dollies – Runner touches 1 tree first round and increases by 1 each round.  SSH for the 6

Mosey to the Rusty Cage – Partner up for 5 pullups, 10 PLTs, 5 Jerkins – 2 rounds + a bonus round, SSH for the 6

Roll on over to the bowl for a Captain Therkin Jacobs Ladder – 1 WWI:4 American Hammer at the top, 5 merkins at the bottom run to the other side for 2:8 with 5 merkins at the bottom, continue with 1:4 ratio up to 7:28 – Mtn. Climbers for the 6

Ampitheater – Going down alternate 1-leg squats going down 1-1-2-2-3-3…9-9 – Moroccan Night clubs for the 6 Back up with a Incline Merkin ladder – Cut the finish short for some to get to the circle for 100 LBC for Swirly and TYA 100K and finish up with the last 5 burpees.


Great work today guys, it’s been a while since I have been able to commit to Q Dogpile and ETs afterward so YHC was looking forward to this one.  Since today is the day of the big race for Swirly and TYA I added a couple little items in there to remember them.  #1 Don’t stop moving, they are going to keep going for 15+ hours, we can do at least 1 hour, hence the SSH for the 6. #2 100’s for the Dora and the 100 LBC, #3 62 Total burpees, the reason for the 7 on the first round.  They have put in the work and the rewards will come.

Lots of mumblechatter, at one point it sounded like a flock of geese behind me on the mosey.  Highlight of the chatter was Wilson declaring his admiration of Hardywood stating “Look at that guy, he gives me a Spirit Animal Hard-on”  I have no clue what that is and I’m not sure if I want to but it was one of those things that could not be ignored.  Any thoughts on what Wilson’s spirit animal might be?

Flipper came in hot but had let YHC know so we were on the look out for him on the way out of the parking lot.  He continued hot for the day, crushing the workout.  Great to see guys like Kubota and Loveseat who are generally at different AOs than YHC.  Flashdance found us at the end of the Golden Triangle and was not disappointed that he missed a couple rounds of burpees and a backward run up the hill.  A lot was packed into the hour but everyone took it on and met the challenge.

Good luck to TYA and Swirly plus the guys hitting Bear Creek tomorrow – Lab Rat, Shakedown, EF Hutton, Wedding Singer and Oyster.

Have a great weekend.  Everything is coming up Rosie.


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  1. Holy beatdown Batman! I am pissed I missed this one. Way to go Rosie. Love the shoutouts to our new Ultra brothers and the Captain Therkin Ladder some brutal (and awesome)! Great job guys. See you in the gloom.

  2. Rosie – you always dish out a solid beating! Hardywood is not only Super, he is Amazing. I caught a glimpse of his form and well……it appears my spirit animal is cheating on me. Thanks for ruining it for me Flip Dog! lol Glad Cerrano made it out from the New Market Nano Region! And that burpee timer, yeah I’m gonna rip off your wrist next time. Great time at ET’s. Thanks to y’all being super!

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