Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tis The Season


5 regular PAX members circled up this morning with Rosie stating no one signed up for the Q. So Rosie took lead and we moseyed to blacktop behind BWES. YHC jumped in and it goes a little something like this:

COP- SSH x 20, Imperial Walker x 15, Merkins x 15, LBC x 15, and Coppherhead Squat x 20. Enough-time to work!

YHC began at the gravel track with, I’ll call it,  Down the Mountain= 50 Mountain Climbers and 1 lap around the track, than 40 Mountain Climbers and 1 lap, 30 Mountain Climbers and 1 lap, 20 Mountain Climbers and 1 lap, 10 Mountain Climbers and 1 lap. Rosie and YHC decided during our runs that Mr Roper needed to take lead. Q handed over to Mr Roper.

Mr. Roper called triple check at blacktop. Bear Crawl to first basketball goal, WWII situps, and Scissor Kicks. Upon completion and Mr. Roper still having the Q, four corners called. 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 Alabama Prom Dates (aka Matt Lauer’s or Mr. Moore’s) and 50 SSH. Before 4 corners started, there was a lot of mumble chatter about the PC’ness of Alabama Prom Dates given today’s environment. With the beauty of F3 and early am workouts, if anyone gets offend, too bad, F3 is free so stay in the fart sack! Mr. Roper  handed off the Q to Jenny Craig.

And with a few seconds of intense thought, Jenny Craig decided-suicides with basketball goals serving as 2 markers however at each point of turning 20 Merkins, including the beginning of the suicide.  Jenny Craig handed off Q to Mr. Holland with 15 minutes to spare.

Mr Holland calls out 11’s. Start with 10 Heels to Heaven, 1 WWII situp run across the blacktop, 9 Heels to Heaven, 2 WWII situps and so on to 1 Heel to Heaven, 10 WWII situps. 2 minutes to spare with an Indian Run down bus loop back to parking lot.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, and Annoucements- TYA and Swirly good luck and kick ass. Saab, way to support and help the brothers OUT!!

Rosie has Q at Dogpile tomorrow so he has a plan! Heads up!

YHC took us out! Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to share the early morning with each of you and get the day started! As we go into this Christmas season, let us not forgot the TRUE meaning of Christmas and ALWAYS be thankful for who we are, where we are, and what we stand for! Each day is a gift so take those opportunities for success and kick ass!

Loud and Proud!



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  1. Well done men! Sorry to have missed it. Lots of action packed in there and great to see some newbies taking over the Q. Can’t wait for some upcoming SOJ VQs

    Good luck to all the racers this weekend. You guys will do great!

  2. Great job by all stepping up to lead but especially Mr. Roper who has been adverse to Qing despite Wilson’s recent encouragement. Soon enough he’ll be ready to ring that second bell and take one on his own.
    Don’t forget about the Grand Illumination (aka Mr. Roper Experience) tonight at the James Center.

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