Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The S-T-A-C-H-E Crosses the Rivah…


18 strong and motivated men descended upon 45 MOM this morning to send November, and its no shaving, mustache growing and merkin challenging ways, out with a bang.  YHC planted the flag, greeted some PAX members he has not seen in quite a while and then the clock struck 0530 – TIME TO MOSEY….

Mosey to the basketball courts (sorry ladies) for COP, all IC, including:

  • SSHs x25
  • DQs x10
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Merkins x10
  • LBCs x20


S – Suicides

  • Regular
  • Backward
  • Side Shuffle
  • Bear Crawl — always a crowd pleaser

T – Tammy Wynette (inspired by her song “Stand By Your Man”)

  • Partner up and complete 5 rounds of 10 tempo merkins and 10 tempo squats each person for a total of 100 as a group.  Partner 1 performs tempo merkins to Partner 2’s count while Partner 2 is doing squats.  Flapjack back and forth until you have completed 5 rounds.

A – APDs x 30 IC

C – Captain Therkins

  • Captain Thors – combination exercise of WWII Situps and American Hammers (2-ct of course) in which you increase the numbers each round but maintain a 1 WWII : 4 AH ratio (1-4; 2-8, 3-12….and so on).
  • The “erkin” part of this is that in between sets of Captain Thors – you flip over and do 5 merkins
  • AMRAP for the LONGEST 5 minutes EVER!

H – 4 H Corners

  • On the tennis courts perform 10 Hand-release Merkins and 10 Monkey Humpers in each corner

E – Elevens

  • Mosey to the near sideline of the field for Elevens — Merkins (of course) and Box Cutters.  Perform 10 Merkins and 1 Box Cutter, then run across to tree-line and do 9 and 2….and so on.

Native American Run back to the Flag – with a jail break called at about the pavillion

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out very thankful that the calendar turns to December tomorrow.

No Announcements except a reserved confirmation that Marv’s house is still standing


Not a ton of mumble-chatter, at least that YHC could hear.  If I missed some good stuff, sound off in the comments.  Lots of grumblings on the bear crawl suicide (which suck) and on the Tammy Wynette.  I will say, the first time YHC broke out the S-T-A-C-H-E, we did 10 rounds of that and it SUCKED BAD.

It was a pleasure to lead this morning and especially fun to see some faces (new and old) that I don’t usually see.  Hitting a new AO every now and again is always great.

Great job by everyone.  Thanks for putting up with another serving of Gumbo…

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. It was great to catch up with Lab Rat and BT and others that I don’t see too often. For those few SOJers that came to Mary, sorry you had to be subjected to the STACHE party again. It will be hibernating for 12 months or so now…maybe.

    Great job today guys and Good luck to all those running races this weekend – we will be with you in spirit and we know you will all do great!

  2. There wasn’t much time for mumblechatter, but I did hear Saab say something about offering “free mustache rides” to the Tomatoes … whatever that means …

    Great Q Gumbo and big ups for your Q-Vember! 15 Qs in a month? Wow!

  3. As I am incapable of growing one myself, that would explain why I have yet to have any takers…but thanks for the vote of confidence there Viral.

    To that, I appreciate the APD’s (aka Matt Lauers) being done in the cover of dark…seeing Viral perform these with his hands behind his head is like watching a shake-weight commercial…you don’t want to look, but you can’t help it.

  4. Strong Q Gumbo! Always great to mix it up a bit. Very well done on a month of dominating. It’s one thing to post 15 times, it’s quite another Q it up. Great job.

  5. Well done! Those tempo merkins took the best of me…. Loved the Tammy Wynette! That COULD be the new Chicken Pecker!

    Here’s to a challenge-driven free December! (no more 400 merkin mornings).

  6. Nice Q, Gumbo, and always good to catch up with you. Nothing like a bear crawl suicide snap you right back in place after laying out for a while.

  7. Thanks Viral. Final tally was actually 14, including the Halloween Q at NoToll. It was fun, but I’m happy to be STACHE-less again for a while and looking forward to mindlessly following the lead of others for a while too.

    It’s a great way to eliminate the fartsack option. Next time I might try to vary the AOs. A Tour of Gumbo.

    Thanks for coming out and following along!