Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

7 Mins/ 7 Burpees- Merkins Completion


Nine SOJ gladiators showed up to Timberwolf this morning for a balmy 45 degree start to the day.

SSH x 20
7 Burpees OYO – Explain later
DQ x 10
Helicopters x 10
Copperhead Squats x 10
Merkins x 10
LBC x 15
7 Burpees OYO

Mosey to bottom of parking lot

Triple Check-
Exercise 1 – Flutter Kicks
Exercise 2 – Lt. Dan
Exercise 3 – Carioce to end of lot and back

Indian Run the track from front of school.

7 Burpees OYO

11s – Track Style
10 -1 One one side of track, continue around the track to do 9-2 on other side for a completion of 5 laps.
Exercise 1 – Merkins
Exercise 2 – Box Cutters

Mosey to Tennis Courts
Triple Check number 2
Exercise 1 – LBC
Exercise 2 – Hello Dolly
Exercise 3 – Run

4 Corners
Corner 1 – 10 Burpees
Corner 2 – 20 Monkey Humpers
Corner 3 – 30 2 Count Mountain Climbers
Corner 4 – 40 SSH

Mosey to flag for Mary
Flutter kicks x 20
LBC x 10
7 Burpees OYO

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

Announcements –
Don’t forget on Sundays, Off the Books run in Midlo, See Rosie or Honeymoon.
Twin Team Q is open for tomorrow, the vote is a Mr Roper VQ.

YHC has been completely whipped by the Merkin challenge and the month of Gumbo, so it was not his intention to have any Merkins on the weinke today.  Hearing that Rosie only needed 60 to completion, we could not leave him hanging.  But with Rosie, there is always that extra “how in the hell did he do that” moment.  That moment came on the Track Style 11s, after he lapped a few of us and was kind enough to do an extra lap with us, YHC made sure that he was good with what we did and now his 5k merkins were complete.  To that Rosie responds “yea but I didn’t do 5k for the month, I upped it to 6k to push myself! My arms hurt hearing that! Good for you Rosie, awesome stuff man.  Also congrats to all of the other PAX members who completed the challenge, it was not an easy one.  Mumble Chatter was high this morning and started off with Honeymoon finding a burrito in the parking lot during COP, you never know what you will find at Timberwolf. The 7 burpees were not intended to be a part of the weinke, but Sparky was not happy about the departure time of 12 minutes before the Q was to start for the New Market clown car, stating its only a 7 minute drive.  Hence the 7 burpees added for the 7 minutes.  Great to see Vedder back out this morning as well as the Hallsley crew of Bobber and McRib 2 days in a row.  Strong work by all, have a blessed day gents!


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  1. Love it — be careful what you say to the Q, right? Great job Marmaduke. Sorry to miss. I had to go dispense some S-T-A-C-H-E fun at 45MOM.

  2. Great job leading today Marmaduke and thanks for getting the merkins in. 7 burpees is 2 too many, I prefer the 5x5min burpee timer as MCRib reminded me about. Hope the Richmond Proper and West End boys appreciated the serving of Gumbo the SOJ crew has been subject to the last month.

  3. Strong Q Marmaduke. Hated to miss it, but the right food needs to be strong…………. New Market made a STRONG showing. Glad to see Vedder back at it. See you fellas at Dog Pile! Hopefully not holding a detached steering wheel!