Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And then, the sprinklers turned on…


A stalwart 15 men defrosted the windshields and gathered in a parking lot of Lab Rat’s boyhood hometown for a guest Q opportunity.  The Q having checked the F3 RVA doppler radar realized it was going to be 70 and sunny.  F3 Florence checked a different weather app, and it was going to blizzard.  Regardless, a workout had to be done, so away we go:

COP- All IC:  SSH, Imperial walkers, Don Quixote (windmills), hand release merkins, arm circles


Lindsays- around the tennis courts, stopping at each corner, performing merkins and WW2 Situps (big boy situps). Corner 1: 10 and 30 reps.  Corner 2 15 and 25, corner 3 20 and 20, corner 4, 25 and 15, corner 5 30 and 10.

The Beast- mosey to football field, complete 6 reps of exercise at the 25 yard line, 50, and 25.  Touch the other endzone and come back, performing exercises again on the way home.  Repeato six times.  Merkins, jump squats, Freddie mercury’s, American Hammer, Lt. Dan’s, and of course, burpees.

Chicken peckers + Honeymoon suite.

BOM + Pledge of Allegiance.


YHC has really enjoyed his time with the F3 Florence guys whenever he comes home and tries to post every time he is in the area.  They treat him like one of their own….meaning they verbally abuse him at every opportunity.  It brings to mind a pamphlet he saw when pledging a fraternity at good old Francis Marion University.  On the cover, it read “there are two types of hazing, physical and mental”.  Below that in pen, someone had written “which would you prefer?”

At times, this rowdy group was so focused on making fun of the Q and impressive mumblechatter that the Q had a hard time keeping up with what the count was on cadence.  Of course, Ginger led the charge on this front, but that didnt stop others from joining in as well.  Stand out comment had to be Nurse Jackie making fun of my “northern” residence.  The beauty of this is that he did it with a Hispanic accent.

The highlight of the morning had to be when in the middle of The Beast out on the gridiron when the sprinklers came on.  No going back, we got in a little extra fun by dodging thru.  The good news was the ground water was much warmer than the actual ground.

Lab Rat is known for his verbal antics in the RVA, but he is just a squire among knights when posting to F3 Florence!  It was truly an honor to lead such a fine group of men.  Thanks for the opportunity, and for all the laughs.  YHC looks forward to the next time he can view the sun rise with this group!

Apology of the week goes out to the grounds keeper of the football field.  Sorry about the mess!  Just consider your field extra aerated.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Well done LabRat. If you are a squire among knights it’s amazing any physics activity was accomplished but it sounds like you laid it on the Florence crew in a way that certainly makes the RVA proud. Safe travels back.

  2. Thanks, homie. I tried (and succeded) to bring some RVA love their way. Lindsay and The Beast were both unknowns. They travel well.