Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A DNow Beatdown


10 Warriors including 4 FNG climbed out of their cabins (some with only a few hours of sleep) to enjoy a down range workout. The location: Watermarks Camp just outside of Scottsville, VA. Start time was 6:00 am. The SF was planted next to the basketball court and the PAX got started.

This is how it went down:

Spit’s Q

Mosey around the Shop and down to the field

COP (all IC)
Crab Cakes
Arm Circles


Mosey to the bottom of hill next to the activity field 


A the bottom of the hill complete one merkin then Bernie Sanders to the top of the hill and complete 10 WWII sit-ups Run back down for two merkins back up for 9 WWII sit-ups. Rinse and Repeat till completing 10 Merkins and 1 WWII sit-up.

The Carpenter’s Q

Mosey back down the hill and around the lake. Turn back and head to the Amphitheater.

Modified Dora

Partner up; first partner runs to the other side of the lake completes 2 burpees then runs back while the second partner is completing the exercises then switch. The following was completed:

50 Dips, 100 2 ct American Hammers, 150 low squats

Mosey to the beach

Sandy Bears and Crabs

Start a the top of the beach and bear crawl down to the lake (optional put your head in the lake), complete 10 Merkins, Crab walk back to the top and complete 20 LBC’s. Rinse and Repeat for 3 sets. Wait for the six but completing dips on the picnic benches.

Skull Crushers

All IC complete 15 skull crushers with left leg then 15 with right leg.

Mosey back to the SF

5 MOM – with Ring of Fire, Freddie Mercury’s, and 64 SSH (in honor of a fallen Restoration Church brother – Paul White)

Numberama, Namerama, Emoji took us out. 


This was the second annual down range workout at Restoration Church’s fall retreat. DNOW 2 weekend brings out over 200 Middle School and High School student in the Mechanicsville area. The weekend focus is around on how they can be better christian leaders in their community.

Unfortunately their was a miss communication and the announcement of the workout wasn’t made the night before. We were still able to get the word out and have four FNG’s join us.

Glad to have our college students (Bucketmouth and Jiff) back out. Both were noted they have missed F3 and are HC for this Tuesday.

Also great to have Care join us. It had be months since his last posting. He mentioned to YHC that it was hard but he kept on pushing.

Welcome to our FNG’s – Bulletproof, Night Bear, Tenderfoot and Air Ball. TClaps to Tenderfoot (Age 11) who didn’t participate in the whole workout but was barefoot the parts that he did.



  1. When you’re camping in the mountains with no cell signal, and 240 middle and high school students are around, what better time to do F3 ? Great Q, Spit and The Carpenter! The FNGs were wide awake the rest of the day, and hopefully will be repeat offenders from now on. Welcome back college boys! Well done. My shoulders were so spent I couldn’t finish the rock wall climb later that day!

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