Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lone Wolf On The Books


Upon realizing he’d be a PAX of 1, EF planted the flag.


Start at SF


End at SF

Mileage unknown, time 1:25:00ish.  200 Merkins mixed in.

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Per Lab Rat’s advice that the trails would be closed due to Saturday night’s phantom rain, YHC decided to cross 1 of 3 remaining AOs off the list and mosey down to Off The Books instead of the Pump House.  YHC arrived early to secure the AO and patiently waited for the PAX to show.  At 0600, no PAX was apparent.  YHC took off, circling back at 0700 to make sure OTB had not switched to a later schedule.  No PAX again, YHC continued on his journey, stopping at the portable powder room behind Urban Farmhouse for a quick pit stop.  YHC managed to add a little excitement to the UF baristas’ morning by sitting on the panic button and setting off his alarm while taking a quick rest between sets of Merkins.  Enjoyed the run, particularly circling the lake a few times down the hill off Woolridge.  If YHC ever posts at OTB again, hopefully there’ll be a PAX of more.


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  1. Well shit.

    First off, respect.

    Secondly, I did say “probably”. The rains never came and the trails were great.

    Lab Rat apologizes…

  2. Respect.

    What do you have left?

    I’ve got MANNdate and Timberwolf. Either of those left for you?

  3. Respect EF , sorry to leave you alone at OTB. I was out of town and recovering after watching the goal line stand at Lane.

  4. Glad you made it to OTB. It’s a cool run with many options. Unlike Rosie, I was in town and able, but RUNNING SUCKS! Respect for getting up man!