Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Party of 3


3 duded posted for the Wed night Trail run and here is how it went down.

Run north to south loop – 7.3 miles .

EF Hutton forgot his bandanna but he brought his head light – Shakedown had a sock malfunction but by 5:03PM we hit the trail. 1hr 17min later we were done = boom!

It was a beautiful night – great to have Shakedown and Hutton out there – you guys are going to crush Bear Creek !

Missed TYA out there but he got his miles in early that morning…

Great run guys way to push – enjoyed it !


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  1. I enjoyed it as well. Sure is a little different out there at night – sounds obvious but for someone who runs those trails on the regular I was surprised by how many times I looked up and didn’t know exactly where I was… good pace last night – hope we have that weather for Bear Creek. Like Hutton said, expect 27 and raining so if whatever we get is better than that we will be happy.

  2. Awesome night for some trails. Would like to do that more often. Kinda cool to feel like you’re almost lost in the woods, right in the middle of downtown Richmond.