Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Proper Dora gets Mixed Reviews


Fourteen minus one HIM’s (It’s like being on the 14th floor of a hotel….There is no 13th, but you KNOW what floor your on) embraced the morning for a monumentally adequate workout.  Keep reading to see what we did:

COP:   SSH, IW, DQ, Arm Circles, Hand release merkins, heels to heaven

Rusty Cage:  Partner up, complete 50 pullups with your partner.

Proper Dora: Partner up, each team completes 100 proper Dora’s.  One partner performs exercises while other partner runs the carillon perimeter.  A Dora this morning consisted of 1 WW2 situp, 2 merkins, and 3 jump squats.

Time Killerz:  Chicken Peckers on amphitheater stage, then one minute of happy feet on first step.

5 MOM:  Freddie Mercury’s, Rosalita’s, Hello Dolly’s, LBC’s (homage to TYA).

30 seconds of merkins


So first up, let’s call him out:  Circle K, where are you?!?  He called half the pax last night on the drive home from South Boston Hill saying he was coming, but didnt make it out.  The Q was a little nervous running down the road to the COP, knowing his history of bringing it in a little hot.  Alas, the pax was safe this morning from the “silver bullet” that skids into AO’s between 0529-0531.  Let’s just hope that it was in the name of family, not the other silver bullets that my boy is known to handle loosely that kept him from us this morning.

Now, on to people who did make it out:  especially Swiper, that has been on the IR lately with a stress fracture.  Glad to have you around again, brother!  YHC hopes that you will continue to come out and do what you can with us while you are healing up.  AYE!

“Proper Dora” was met with some groans from the pax this morning……whaaaaaa????  YHC developed this “new and improved” take on an old classic when he noted that Dora’s are always way out of whack….if you  are the first to run, your partner could plow thru all the merkins before you get an opportunity to even do one.  How is a man supposed to get all swolled up when his partner keeps doing all the merkins?!?  Proper Dora’s are fair and balanced….seriously, what’s not to love?  Of course, it does feel like an extended burpee, but that’s like a bonus, right?  An added exercise within an exercise.  I mean, your welcome!


-Viral is buying people coffee that will look at his tool….or something like that.  See him for details (and pictures).

-45 MOM next week (Turkey Day) will be a special 1 hour workout (0600-0700).  Hardywood will be supplying coffee afterwards, so shirts optional.  Rumor has it that the workout will be Turkey-Trot-taper friendly.

-Hardywood also has the Q for Breaking Bread next Sunday (after TDay).  Anyone that would like to participate, please see him.  Unfortunately, shirts required for this event.  Or a hair net.


Apology of the week goes to Viral for making fun of his tool.  I am sure your tool is very nice, but he is ACTUALLY giving a coffee tour of the Richmond Tool Bank tomorrow morning at 0830.  The Tool Bank is located at the Michael and Son building next to 95….see him for details.  Insert Bleeder and Sons, or parking will be next to Big Blue joke here….


Lab Rat apologizes…



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to work the morning guys – the ole proper Dora ain’t much fun – but hey we got in the cage and got a bunch of merkins in – thanks LabRat !
    Props to TYA for crushing the trails this morning – dude is a beast ! Viral this is a good cause well done man – but
    Hey Michael and son – just in case your wondering – I’m gonna give you the same answer I gave to the seals and to Bob (x team) Swirly is on Bleeder’s team period – and let me assure you – we play to win the game – and we freaken look forward to playing you anytime anywhere any day – oh one more thing it doesn’t matter what the game is – bring it – boom!
    See y’all in the gloom… Or if you so choose on the trail this evening..

  2. Disclaimer: Nobody from Michael & Son was actually hurt during this post (yet). Also, no seals were clubbed during it’s writing….and Bob is still as ok as a man of his disposition can be.

    Damn Swirly! A+ for enthusiasm!

  3. Great Q Lab Rat. You covered a ton of ground today and way to bring it with the chicken peckers. Be super.

  4. While I appreciate the concern for my well being this morning, all is well with Circle K. My absence this morning was nothing more than oversleeping, due to the fact that two weeks of 16 hour days may have finally caught up to me. I will see the F3RVA PAX the next couple of days.

  5. Great Q Lab Rat!

    Yes my tool would be very happy if you came to the Richmond Community Toolbank tomorrow morning at 8:30AM for one of our monthly tours to learn more about how we help the city. We’ll provide coffee & carbs.

    Richmond Community Toolbank
    1407 Cummings Road
    Richmond, VA 23220

    At the end of Cummings, take a right past the gate at the Michael & Sons building parking lot. Park in the back-right corner of the lot. The big blue & white Toyota Tacoma with the Toolbank logo will be parked by the entrance/loading dock.

    Call/text if you are interested and have questions or trouble finding it. 914 886 8109.


  6. For a non-profit, the name of the game is cost-control. My executive director of the Toolbank would be more than open to your more favorable lease offers, Swirly! 😀