Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

STACHE – Week 3


9 brave souls broke the hold and posted at NoToll for another Gumbo Q – 2 more then another can reign over NoToll…this morning YHC wanted to check in on the STACHE – week 3 and make headway on the merkin challenge.  It went like this:

Mosey toward the entrance to the park and Robious Road (almost thought the PAX wasn’t going to follow the different direction) – pick-up and escort McRib into the parking lot and circle up for COP, including the following all IC:

  • Merkins x10
  • SSHs x25
  • Merkins x9 (Mr. Roper caught on to the idea quickly)
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Merkins x8 (others caught on)
  • Arm Circles X10 forward and backward
  • Merkins x7 (Hardywood joined the knowledge party on the pattern)
  • DQs x10
  • Merkins x6
  • Helicopters x10
  • Merkins x5
  • LBCx x24 (YHC has a counting snafu — otherwise known as a shout out to Flatline)
  • Merkins x 4
  • Flutter kicks x15
  • Merkins x 3
  • Freddy Mercuries x15
  • Merkins x2
  • Merkins x1

Short mosey to the basketball court for the STACHE:


  • Regular
  • Backward
  • Side Shuffle

Tammy Wynette (Half Now; Half Later)

Partner up and complete 5 rounds of 10 Merkins and 10 squats each

APDs x 25 IC

Captain Therkins

Basically Captain Thors — combinations of WWIIs and American Hammers keeping a 1:4 ratio but with a set of 5 merkins in between each set, as follows:

  • 1 WWII, 4 American Hammers
  • 5 Merkins
  • 2 WWII, 8 AHs
  • 5 Merkins
  • 3 WWII, 12 AHs
  • 5 Merkins
  • AND SO ON…. Minds were blown on the math here – Shocker!

PAX completed as many rounds as they could in 5 minutes.  I got to 7:28 and it hurt, I imagine 10:40 really really sucks…might have to test that theory soon?

Howling Monkeys – 2 rounds of ring of fire style passing around 10 monkey humpers and holding the position while the other PAX members do it.

Elevens – Merkins and Boxcutters 1 and 10 then run the length of the court and do 2 and 9…you know the rest

2nd half of the Tammy Wynettes

Mary – Hello Dollies, Rosalitas and Superman

Back to the flag for COT, number-rama, name-a-rama and McRib took us out!


The mumblechatter was wild this morning.  Hardywood was in short sleeves and shorts and Tobit was in short sleeves and long pants — a different take on SOP but we will see if HoneyDo approves if the elbows are showing but not the knees…

A rowdy bunch and the howling got out of control, but work was put in for sure.  Good job this morning fellas.  I put the merkins somewhere between 280 and 310 depending on how many rounds of Captain Therkins you did.

See you at SOT!

No more Gumbo for you!


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  1. Apologies for taking so long to get the BB out – darn work!

    Great job this morning fellas. SYITG

  2. Glad you remembered what we did in the COP, the mumble chatter was lively this morning. I appreciated the ground and pound for a change too. Back to running tomorrow?

  3. Great Q Gumbo! Thanks for the help in making a dent in the merkins challenge.

    Honey Do, could I get a clarification? Bros before hoes is a no brainer. But, does sleeves before knees mean sleeves bare before knees bare or sleeves covered before knees covered? I can’t be showing up screwing around with SOP.