Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The one and only


A PAX of one showed up to run on this sunny (nope) and 70 (nope) morning to run/walk/shamble around various roads and neighborhoods near a dark high school.

The Route

YHC went forward and turned when something got in his way for about 4 miles. Trails were too muddy for running so the access roads were used for everything. YHC is not really sure where he ended up when he turned around, but here were dogs and angry looking people.


No Idea had the Q this morning, but a last minute call informed YHC that he would have the Q instead. Hope everything works out No Idea.

Without any responsibility to any other runners the direction that was decided on was forward for as long as possible. 50 Merkins were done at the end just because.



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