Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Write-in Candidate at NoToll — Nicole


15 strong posted in the refreshingly brisk morning at NoToll only to find out that Gumbo had a last-minute write-in candidate to add to the ballot and her name is Nicole, and this Nicole was all about some Merkins, so let’s get down to business… Mosey to the back lot for COP, including:

  • SSHs x20 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Helicopters x15 IC
  • Hand-release Merkins x10 OYO
  • Arm Circles 15 forward (10 small, 5 big) and 15 backward (10 small, 5 big)
  • Werkins x10 IC
  • LBCx x25

Mosey to the pavilion and upon cries for no box-jumps YHC called out a modified, ALL-MERKIN Nicole.  The timer was set for 20 minutes and it went like this.  Begin at pavilion with 25 regular merkins, run a lap around the field, then perform 25 Derkins on the benches, run a lap, then 25 incline merkins, run a lap.  Continue in that sequence for 20 minutes and complete as many laps as possible.

Plank-o-rama for the six and to catch a breather

Mosey back past the flag to the bathrooms for a classic triple check, including BTTW (Goodbye Dollies optional), Squats and a sprint to touch the entrance of the park and back — and sprint Oyster did…

Mosey to the basketball courts for a Merkin ROF and 10 Merkins IC all together to top it off.

COT, number-rama and name-a-rama, then YHC took us out with a quick prayer and off many of us went to stink up your local polling station.

Same announcements – HR 1-year convergence on Saturday – is anyone going to get the Ghost Flag?  C-ville 4-miler on Sunday.  Good luck to all F3RVAers who are running the Richmond Marathon or Half-Marathon this weekend.  Crush it men!


YHC has been wanting to bring Nicole back into the fold for a while and an ALL MERKIN Nicole seemed like a great way to make some headway on the monthly challenge.  It was.  YHC completed 9 laps and 10 rounds of merkins for 330 total on the day. I believe Rosie, Hardywood and Honeymoon completed 10 and 11, respectively for 355 on the day.  Way to push the lead men!  Everyone I think completed at least 8 rounds of merkins, which would have been 200 merkins during Nicole + 50 in COP + 30 in ROF for a total of 280 for the day.  Not too shabby.  Regardless, good progress was made and we covered nearly 3 miles running in total today.  Strong work men!

More Gumbo is on the menu at SOT tomorrow, but until then, No More Gumbo For YOU!


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  1. Strong work men. A pleasure to lead as always. Get out there an vote today – if you can hold a pen…

  2. That was a smoker Gumbo. I am sorry I ever introduced you to Nicole. The pen was incredibly shaky at the poll this morning, I got some strange looks when I had to flop my arm up on the table to complete the ballot. Got my sticker though.
    Nicole may force me to do a merkin free workout at WDog tomorrow but I am sure I can squeeze in a couple.

  3. I’m just mashing my face on the keyboard. Arms don’t work. I got some weird looks at my poling place. I could hear only crickets my friends, only crickets.

  4. Gumbo, you never disappoint! I am excited and scared for the month of Gumbo! See ya at SOT…………..
    Dear God – Wilson here, please provide Gumbo guidance. No Merkins, box jumps or running! 🙂