Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Patriotic Pants


Thirteen fine gentlemen circled up to discuss the various applications of WD40 and Formula 401/409 before embarking on today’s Spider Run.  Since Saab was so excited with last week’s rendition, YHC took the opportunity to throw out a Saab tribute run.  Goal was 5 fingers but we only accomplished 4.  It went something like below:

We ran up and down hills.  Those that made it to the top first went back to gather the six.  Back and forth 4 times for a total of 400 ft of elevation gain.  Well done gentlemen.

Patriotism was strong today.  Two can demonstrating he can work both sides of the aisle by swiping right and swiping left.  If only our elected officials demonstrated such flexibility.

Saab didn’t get enough running and decided to run to his polling place instead of circling up for BOM.  What he didn’t realize is that he missed a significant expression of enthusiasm for the American political system.  American flag yoga pants.  Enough said.

The real question of the day is whether WD40 can actually cure joint pain.  There are members of the PAX that legitimately believe so.

Enjoy the rest of the day fellas.

Splinter out.



  1. Usually Saab only needs one finger to express himself, so four fingers is more than enough.

    I assume the yoga pants were not from the pax? Or is there something more we need to know from the backblast? I have to ask, as you never know what TYA will wear to a run.

  2. Splinter, Great Route! TYA, Swirly, UpChuck thanks for the final push at the end. When Splinter said “back to the flag,” I thought he was talking about something else.

  3. I have to cease feigning enthusiasm for Splinter’s routes…I feel as though I had gotten the whole-fist this morning.

    Had I known about the yoga pants I would have postponed my patriotic endeavor. Salute!

  4. Nice work fellas. How nice of Splinter to give Singer and Shakedown some practice running downhill before the always fun downhill finish for the Richmond Half Marathon this weekend. All of you guys running on Saturday are going to crush it – just remember to tuck and roll at the finish!

    Look for a rise in numbers at Spider Run next week after a BB and comments like this…five fingers, whole fist, yoga pants, camel toe…really putting out the full court marketing press. Might be a lonely NoToll beatdown for Gumbo next Tuesday…

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