Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Free Smells


We had runners and bikers of all different distances and routes.  All bases were covered.

Runners took the following routes with some arriving early for their bonus miles.

4 Milers

  • West on Grove to Granite.
  • Granite to Patterson, east on Patterson
  • Patterson to Willow Lawn Drive to Monument
  • East on Monument to Westmoreland and home to the VSF

5 and 6 Milers

  • East on Grove to Malvern; Malvern across Broad
  • Take a left on Dabney which will turn into Bethlehem
  • Left on Staples Mill at the Wawa
  • Left on Monument
  • 5s come home on Westmoreland, 6s come home on Malvern to Grove

Gomer Pyle took us out.


The Pax was moving fast this morning with elite runners in both the 5s and 6s.  It was good to see Phonics, Offshore, and Wheelie on the roads again.

Both the runners and bikers had a couple of challenges this morning.  Circle K took a flat tire in the wrong neighborhood.  Fortunately, the F3 racing team had parts and pump to get him repaired and moving again.  After running the mile of death down Dabney, a car at Wawa came close to Phonics.  Even in a well lit area, if a driver isn’t looking for a runner, they aren’t going to see them.

Speaking of mile of death, Dabney lived up to expectations with potholes and a constant caravan of cement and beer trucks.  Colbeer!

Finally, the name of the backblast.  There was a strong and pleasant smell of cupcakes or some other Hostess product on a stretch of Dabney.  Then of course we had Krispy Kreme as we came up Staples Mill.  Labrat talked me out of grabbing a few dozen for the Pax on the return to the AO.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Thanks to No Tools and Wheelie for the help in fixing the flat and to the PAX for waiting for RAMM Gears to return a little late. Perfect weather this morning for a ride or run.

  2. The cupcakes smelled so good I almost stopped at Sugar Shack on the way into the office but three days of Halloween candy has already worked me over so I skipped the donuts and ate my usual instead.

    Good run though I didn’t love Dabney for the reasons mentioned above.

    See some or most of you tomorrow and don’t forget to do your box breathing. I haven’t adopted the cold showers yet but who knows…

    • Indeed – good run today. Thanks to BT and Offshore for turning up my pace this morning. I was chatting with Offshore and next thing I knew I was going faster than usual – had to keep up at that point.

      Mile of death or not, I didn’t turn my ankle this morning so it’s all good 😉

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