Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Room Numbers


Eight PAX were not scared of a little light rain and showed up at Tuckahoe for the latest iteration of a Hoedown.  Mosey to the front of the school for COP that went something like this:

20x SSH
15x Russian Soldiers
10x Don Quixotes (because Keymaster needed some more stretching)
15x Copperhead Squats
15x Arm Circles

The Thang
Quick mosey to the western most corner of the school for the start of today’s exercise.  Room Numbers.  Every time we get to a room number in the window we stop and do that many of a certain exercise.  Exercises were merkins, squats, and WWIIs.  Alternate between bear crawling and lunging between numbers in the window.  Work our way all the way around the school increasing to number 35 before a slight descent.  Burpees were added for the basement room numbers.

Mosey back to the lighted pathway and partner up for jerkins.  Two sets of 10 jerkins for each partner.

Quick jaunt back to our favorite lit concrete pad for some ring of fire.  10x each starting with Two Can and passing around the circle.

Numberama, Namearama, BOM & YHC took us out.

A few Tuckahoe regulars were missing this morning.  Must have been due to conflict or watching the World Series.  Other excuses will not be accepted.

Kubota was the only brave sole that went short sleeve and no gloves.  That’s a lot of bear crawling sans gloves.  Well done sir.  Mr. Holland came in a close second for the superlative for best outfit choice with his pearly white half marathon shirt from a few years ago.  Said shirt is still pearly white on the front but now contains a perfectly rectangular brown patch covering the entire back.

All in all, form was magical today.  Toga would have been proud.  Even as the reps increased throughout the workout the PAX kept strong form.  Finishing with Lockjaw’s nose to the ground merkins was a testament to Tuckahoe’s readiness for November.

Ronnie may need to go visit Richmond’s #1 Chiropractor service as he performed about 5 WWIIs on a boulder protruding from the mud.  I hear their granite abstraction service is top notch.

– November merkin challenge is up.  See the news for more info:  http://f3rva.org/2017/10/27/november-merkin-challenge-2017/
– There is also a breathing challenge
– Contact YHC if any new Tuckahoegans want to step up to lead a Hoedown.  Any and all can lead.
– Lockjaw appeared out of the mist with his trademark Turkey Trot shirt.  Sign up if you want to obtain a legendary shirt yourself.

Splinter out.




  1. Creative Q this morning as we closely examined the entire perimeter of the ao, noted the inconsistent numbering scheme, and surveyed the swampy areas. Perhaps most out of place was a single torn card – the queen of hearts. We found the other half a quick bear crawl away. Has someone been marked?

  2. Hated to miss a well-themed Splinter beatdown…kudos to all. Glad to see law enforcement didn’t respond to a call regarding strangers peeking in the school windows – particularly one in a psychedelic shirt.

    As for my conflict, I was conflicted between slippers and wooly socks this morning…very hard to choose. A day off was long overdue.