Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two years of the Rat


A mighty and raucous pax of 31 gathered on this fine October morning to partake in Lab Rat’s 2 year anniversary party, and what better way to celebrate then to run amuck in the park?!?  With a pax this large, some plans had to be modified a bit, and the result went a little something like this:

-Run a Mile:  head downhill out of the parking lot to Pump House Rd.  Come up the back side of the park to the Carillon, and end up at the normal COP spot.  The faster pax members were sent to the six on a rotating fashion.

-COP: SSH, IW, DQ super slow, Hand Release merkins, arm circles

-Circle Tracers:  Half the circle karaoke facing in, half the circle karaoke facing out.  Run forward half circle, run backward half circle.  NOTE TO PAX:  This goes much better in a parking lot.

-11’s in the amphitheater:  Derkins at the bottom, jump squats at the top.

-Love Hill, no partner edition:  Starting at the bottom gate (Bobo was absent), traverse the hill path performing exercises….which included: Broad Jump burpees, walk out merkins, lunges, backwards runs.  Go to the top gate or the Q says stop.

-Box Breathing:  5 seconds breathe in, 5 seconds hold, 5 seconds breathe out, 5 seconds hold.


2 years of doing F3 has been quite an experience for YHC….no doubt that most of you realize how much a part of my existence this group has become.  Last year, YHC tried to replicate his first workout and he thought about doing the same thing this year.  Two problems with that are that nobody wants to do that many partner leg tosses, and to be honest there are many other things that Lab Rat has come to love to do.  Also, DogPile is such an awesome AO that it just makes sense to explore it a bit.  So, YHC decided to make this a bit of a greatest hits theme more than a replication beat down.  (I will admit that this workout was MUCH easier than the brutal pounding that Earthworm dished out 2 years ago….as long as you dont mind a bit of running.)

Speaking of 2 years ago, Doner Kebalb was my partner that day and ended up giving me my nickname.  I am sooooo happy he decided to post this morning!  I think that was just a coincidence, but it made my day.

On to present day, thanks to those that gave me a hard time this morning.  Saab had many comments during the COP….but unfortunately Lab Rat had to tune them out for fear of completely tanking the cadence.  Wilson on the other hand had my full attention during 11’s…dang near taking out YHC’s back on the last derkin.  Yowsa!  Bleeder and yhc had some back and forth regarding RVA’s stopping on the minute or running the workout over.  Lab Rat stands fully in the corner of “dont mess with breakfast time”.

Hat’s off to FNG Ether for putting in a solid performance!  YHC is sure that he made his old man (Laughing Gas) proud with his showing today.  Also a tip of the cap to Gomer for running to and from ET’s this morning for some extra credit.

Instead of trying to keep coming up with creative jib jab, let me just take a moment to say that I consider myself truly blessed to be able to surround myself with such outstanding men several mornings a week, and I have made several friendships that I hope will withstand many future years in this group.  Thanks to each and every one of you for putting up with and (sometimes) embracing my antics.  FEBA!

Apology of the week goes out to Phonics:  Sorry about the no-gloves needed thing.  I am  glad you can at least take solace in the fact  that Lab Rat didn’t wear any either.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Great workout Lab Rat! Glad I was able to be a part of your two year anniversary workout. I look forward to working out with you over the coming years! Not particularly the 11’s. Glad you back is ok. All in good fun!

  2. Congratulations on your 2 years Lab Rat! Another great beatdown. The last time you told me that I didn’t need gloves it was the calisthenics workout at 45MOM. This was a very different workout from that one.

  3. Great to have spent much of that 2 years knowing you, my friend. Running circles around the river would not be the same without you.

    No one quite does barefoot like Lab Rat on a golf course.

  4. When I describe all the great attributes of F3RVA, you are on that list. Thanks for making a difference LR…

    I’ll put the breathing exercises on the same to-do list along with running sandals and cold showers.

    (It’s a shame Swirly didn’t happen upon us during the box-breathing. His reaction would have been priceless.)

    • Yeah…I was expecting some flack over that. If nothing else, consider 30 guys enlightened to something new.

      You did have the option of 4 minutes of Freddie Mercury. How often do you get a choice in a workout?

  5. Lab Rat!! Congrats on 2 years. See you at 3 and beyond.. Awesome workout. I was missing my gloves on Love Hill but I have nobody to blame but myself.

    I liked the breathing. I strive to be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit and I thing box breathing fits in there somewhere.


  6. Thanks for the Q and leadership Lab Rat. Many a HIM is made better by the “antics” as you say. I recall a 7 Mile long EH for the BRR.

    Those we my mits in the apology of the week. Hey, who doesn’t enjoy a bareback ever once in a while?

  7. Happy 2 years Lab Rat. And love that you had us try the breathing, pushing us to try new things. Always keeping things interesting. Here’s to many more brother.
    Also good to see DK for first time in like 6 months.

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