Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Leg Day at Timberwolf


Morning started @ 515 leaving NM with clown car that was one short of a full car…..Fartsack from our buddy Wilson with text at 5:09 while I’m waiting outside his house. Only at the end of the workout was it suggested that I should of lay on the horn in the morning until he walked out…..or his wife woke up.

Regardless, 10 brave members stepped out of their warm cars……

Started with Warm up, Side Straddle hop, walking lunges with torso twist, Knee’s to Chest, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Copperhead Squats, T-Push up ending with Plank variations.

Quick lap around Bus loop (right past the torture devices – medicine balls and sand bags) to our stations.

3x times through, Medicine ball throws against wall 10/10, wall sits with one leg raised, feet on wall plank, Sandbag Squats – quickly transitioning into second round of stations.

2x time through, 10 Merkins on medicine ball, sandbag clean and press, Balls to the Wall, Jumping jacks

Then mosey over to find our “benches”…..next workout we called the “20’s”, each exercise was done for 20 reps, first set with SBs, L leg step ups, R leg step ups, L leg get ups, R leg get ups, Incline merkin, Tri dips, AB crunches, Decline Merkin, L leg Bulgarian Squats (my personal favorites), R leg Bulgarian Squats, Box Jumps, Speed Skater over Bench, Bench Toe Touches, L leg power ups, R leg power ups

Mosey back to cars for round of Mary – timed. 35 seconds on, 7 seconds off…..Alternating Toe Touches, Right leg Toe holds, Left Leg Toe holds, American Hammer with medicine balls, Wax ON/OFF, ending with Windshield Wipers.

Ran out of time but was also planning a 2 minute V-Sit while passing the Medicine ball around…..next time boys!



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  1. Looks like I picked a good one to miss. OUCH! To be clear, the clown cars were TWO short as Beaker also fartsacked! I appreciate the call out and I will be more diligent to fulfill my commitments. Nice showing from NM. Much better than Tuesday @ No Toll for sure!

  2. Wilson – your admission to having company in the fartsack this morning doesn’t make it better. However, your legs and back are giving you a big THANK YOU for remaining in the fartsack…with or without Beaker.

    Another torture chamber brought to you by Sparky. My legs and BACK are screaming right now. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to walk…I’m crippled.

    But it was fun while it lasted. And, I still can’t believe all of the benches survived the 20s.

    Nice work men.

  3. As always Strong work Sparky! Everything Gumbo said is real, Moving right now is a struggle! Great work guys, Great to have Manziel back out as well. Wilson, will
    Be leading the charge at Murph Friday’s tomorrow!

  4. With a Sparky Q you know you are going to get at least 2 things. Crushed from the workout and confused about when to stop an exercise. Great job Sparky, we all enjoyed a morning of playing with your toys.
    Here is a link to a video that may help with the counting thing.
    Murph Friday is tomorrow at RiverRun for anyone wanting to try it out. You’ll get your mile a day in…twice.

  5. Dear SOJ Committee,

    I hereby formally request the immediate removal and relocation of Sparky and ALL of his “toys” out of SOJ and over to Richmond Proper or, better yet, Tuckahoe.

    Yours in Pain,

    PS – I currently lying flat on my back in my office suffering from Sparky’s House of Torture and trying to unlock my right side lower back. Epic Failure!