Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SOT Cinder Blocks and Doras


The PAX  double digits (10) for the first time in a few weeks as the brisk morning got started at SOT this morning!

The Thang

10 guys, Grab a Cinder Block and Mosey to the track


SSH x20

DQ x 10

Helicopters x 10

Copperhead squats X 10

Merkins x 10

LBC x 15

Mosey to left side of track

Dora #1

Partner up, First Partner Runs Length of the track while second Partner Does exercises, total as a team

Exercise 1 – 100 Curls with Cinder Block

Exercise 2 – 200 Shoulder Presses with Cinder Block

Exercise 3 – 300 Tricep extensions with Cinder block,  Modified to to 100 ( sorry YHC thought it looked good on paper)

Mosey to Tennis courts

4 Corners


20 Monkey Humpers

30 Mountain Climbers

40 SSH

Mosey back to Track where Cinder blocks are

Dora #2

Exercise 1 -100  Cinder Block Squats

Exercise 2 – 200 Jumps over Block

Exercise 3 – 200 Heels to heaven with Block as anchor

Plank up

Partner up again, between the 2 partners, 100 more bicep curls total, partner planks while other curls

Mosey to Flag

SSH x 10 to complete

Numberama, Namerama, McRib took us out!


Circle K is Q for Breaking bread, reach out to him if you would like to contribute and assist

Hampton Roads Convergence – Nov. 11th


YHC had a long biz trip yesterday and had plenty of travel time to think of what we could accomplish this morning.  Knowing we still had some cinder block in the New Market hood from construction, YHC decided to use them while we could.  Once the first Dora began, it was clear that on the triceps, there needed to be a modification, appreciate the PAX for pointing that out.  Mumblechatter was at a minimum during the Dora’s. ill take that as a compliment.  Great to have Ram Man back out as well, who is definitely on the Wilson train of running sucks, but after reading Tuesday’s No Toll BB, Does Wilson really hate running? Great to have Rosco back as well as Tatu back from his business travels! Rosco is in RVA permanently now and is looking to not only hit more AOs, but possibly create a few new ones close to where he is living (Rosco I will let you disclose the area), the EH-ing has begun, lets help him out and continue to grow!  Strong work by all, way to push through with the Cinder blocks today, Honor and a privilege to lead this group today!



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  1. Great beating Marmaduke. Someone once said to get stronger, you may have to do things you hate. Hence the sprints. Plus Styx inspired the workout. #runningstillsucks Nice to work out with the blocks again. Brings back memories of Toga (mean version)! Looking forward to the Sparky beating at Timberwolf!

  2. We to bring the CBOS Marmaduke. A little road time can bring some inspiration and clarity. Way to put it to use.

  3. Well done gents and great leadership Marmaduke. The arms were gassed and so were the legs from all the New Market sprints lately.

  4. Nice Q marmaduke! Coupons are always a nice change of pace. It was a lot of fun to have good numbers at sOT also!

    Way to push fellas!