Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Feeling Lucky


Six regulars and one FNG charged into this brisk Autumn morning ready to swing some bells. Here is what happened:

The Thang



Neck circles 10 each way

Helicopter IC X 10

Arm circles 10 little 5 big, reverso

Imperial walkers IC X 20

LBCs IC X 20

Follow-the-leader KB goblet squats


Lucky Horseshoe

Exercises were KB swings (20), goblet squats (20), clean & press (10 each arm), slingshot (10 each way) and snatch (10 each arm).

Start with first exercise, run around loop, then first plus second exercise, run around loop, continue until five sets completed for each exercise.


Stretch Medley


Numberama, Nameorama, Spit took us out



One could not have asked for a better morning to grind out some kettlebell. YHC was especially thrilled that Da Vinci put feet on the floor this morning to make it out. Mud Face and Chewie rolled in fashionably late. Chewie double-fisted kettlebells to the COP, handed one to Da Vinci, and the fun began.


Everyone gave strong effort through the Lucky Horseshoe. (Special thanks to Honey Do for introducing this workout to YHC.) Predictably, Spit crushed it, followed closely by Emoji. The Q declared the exercise would end when the first person finished, and one could almost hear muscles scream for joy as Spit announced his victory lap.


It was a joy, as usual, to be part of this group, for which YHC is extremely grateful. There is no better way to start the day!



F3 Hampton Roads convergence November 11th, 0700, Mt. Trashmore.

Saturday at Dogwood Dell now hosts three workouts: back-to-back one-hour bootcamp-style workouts at 0600 and 0700, and a 2.0-friendly workout at 0700.



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  1. Great to see Lucky Horseshoe come back to Manndate. Circus Maximus will soon get a taste of the KB LH as well…

  2. Two Richmond Da Vincis and both are 2.0s. Will big data be able to differentiate the two or have we found a flaw in the system?

  3. Great job Helix! Glad I came out this morning! We are coming to enjoy the horseshoe at MANNDATE!

    That is the second time we have name double up on names in DaVille!