Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Cat’s Meow


4 Davillians found their way through the fog to make it out to enjoy a great morning for arun.

This is how it went down!


Mudface/No Idea – Head out down the service road though the trails and back up to the front of the school for their 5k run/walk

Grabber/YHC: Head down the service road, Through the Honey Meadow Estates, cut through to KCD Rd. and headed right down to the lake then back to Atlee HS for a 5 mile run.


Great morning for a run (or run/walk). The fog didn’t seem to bother the PAX much as we got our normal mileage.

YHC has decided that he will need need to bring his old Laser Quest guns out next week. Will have to use the back Mudface’s and No Idea’s head lamps as target practice. You can see that bright red light from a mile away!

Grabber and YHC did have a surprise Shortly after getting onto KCD Rd we noticed an object in the middle of the road. Was it a large rock? Not it was a cat! The cat jump up as so as we ran by it. Luckily no cats were injury i the making of this run today.


  • Hampton roads anniversary on the 11th, Cville 4 milers on the 12th.



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