Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Timers


5 RiverRun Vets and 3 new RiverRunners found themselves in the early gloom of the Bettie Weaver parking lot ready to take on a few miles and hills.  The route was explained multiple times to multiple PAX and finally all understood the basic route.

James River Road, right on Riverton Ridge Road, into Tarrington, 4 milers right on Welby Dr. left on Edmonton, right on Ashwell, across Robious down Twin Team and a loop around the school.  5 milers, left on Ashwell and do the Ashwell loop.  Add James River Road down to the park at the end to get to a little more than 5 miles and/or 45 min. if needed.  If you are Boudreaux’s follow Lugnut then do whatever you want just to get 45 minutes of running in.

Great to run with Shakedown and Devito this morning, two new running partners for YHC.  Shakedown dropped back on the first big hill but he kept up well after we circled back to show him the way across Robious Road.  Need to remember to bring the clippers out to trim the bush at Robious Road, the path is getting tougher to find.  Devito had his light after a recent run in with a buck in the dark, Lab Rat would be pleased (he’s also pleased to see his name in a backblast where he didn’t post).  Happy to see Boudreaux’s out this morning, not sure how many miles he got but he stayed close to the AO doing some laps until we returned.  45 minutes of that is better than the fartsack.  Without reflective gear or knowledge of the roads, it was probably the best choice.  Jville joined us for the beginning of the run but his gastrointestinal issues flared up again and he made an early exit to find the porcelain at home.

YHC was a little sluggish this morning but getting out for some miles and some good chatter along the was was the remedy for that.  Great start to the week.


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  1. Great to get back out to a River Run and tackle the old faithful route for the first time in a while. A pleasure running with Wedding Singer this morning and chatting about the surprisingly strong AFC East – albeit from different perspectives as his Pats round into post-season form and my Dolphins struggle to find a QB (but at least pull out a W against the Jets on Sunday…whew!).

    Great to have Boudreaux, DeVito and Shakedown out at RR also. And, that BUSH definitely needs a trim – I thought it swallowed Singer whole.

    Can’t wait for a buffet of Mary, including cross-leg lifts tomorrow at Wilson’s NoToll….gotta give the people what they want Wilson!

    Great job guys!

  2. Kinda glad I fart sacked today. I would have ended up in a number of cul de sacs or terraces. That neighborhood is FULL of them. Nice to see this run growing. See ya in the am!

  3. Yeah, that hill nabbed me after trying to keepup with you, Rosie. Thanks to you and DeVito for looping back (I wasn’t too far back) because I certainly wouldn’t have gone through that bush. I like a little bush but not that much.

    Good times guys. Thanks and see y’all Saturday if you are at dogpile. I hated missing last week and I’m traveling all this week. Too bad there’s no F3 DC or Fairfax…

  4. there was no way in hell that i was going to stroke out, all alone, and in the middle of tarrington, of all places.