Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Proper trimming leads to better results


14 strong gathered at Hoedown to enjoy the properly maintained grassy sections of TES. It only rained when the PAX were facing skyward on the ground. It went down with:

COP – Invisible Jump Ropes, Don Qs, Helicopters, Merkins, Freddy Mercurys. Head up to top field, partner up- 50 Pull-ups between 2 partners.

Face school- Bear Crawl across field, lunge back. Then broad jump across field, lunge back. Partner up – Wheelbarrow across and back. Then Crab Walk, lunge back.

Line up for Human Centipede. 1 time through. Mosey to 3rd Prez Parking lot. Derkins down by five from 20 across lot. Karaoke across. Then 15 Jump Squats each end 4 time.

Back to front of school for 3 sets of 20 PLTs. Fish up with 3 sets of: 20 Donkey Kicks and 5 Burpees. COT and Marv took us out.

NMS – The rain started as soon as we started Freddy Mercurys but stopped and held off until we hit the ground again for PLTs near the end. Otherwise perfect weather. And nice to cover an AO without the need of a machete. The PAX does enjoy a trimmed AO to play with, maybe except Saab who prefers the 70s style he grew up with.

The upper field was plent bright but just dark enough to keep form police at bay. The 50 Pull-ups to start woke the pax up and made for fun as some taller pax had to improvise on the playsets.

The 3rd Prez Parking lot offers a well lit space to play with. The Hoedown AO continues to expand. Abut half the pax ran in to the AO and Marv is dreaming of the day he can resume that tradition.

Announcements – Puppy pile and optional 2nd hour of Dogpile this Saturday.



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  1. Solid beatdown as usual SA. Apologies for my jumping and karaoke – which was less than textbook. Enjoyed partnering with Lockjaw and Slurpee today, and having the company of Fudd on the run home.

    As to the Tuckahoe trimming, yes your comment during the workout did make me reminisce back to the 70’s. That said, progress is progress, and proper trimming does make things go down a bit easier.

  2. Great workout today. You used every inch of the AO including the jaunt across the street. I particularly liked the activities across the field which highlighted my wheelbarrow development opportunities.

    Great to see many of the same people out three weeks in a row.

  3. Inserting frivolous comment to keep Saab from whining about lack of comments. Great job, men.


  4. I mistook Upchuck for you as I heard someone driving in give Saab a hard time on foot to the workout.

    Your reputation precedes you.

  5. Hoedown continues to have a consistent turnout. The River Road Hills PAX are keeping each other honest by running every week. Keep it up gents.

    Nice work Honeydo. We all knew DKs were coming, just not sure when. Thanks for the Slaughter Finisher.

  6. Great Q Honey Do! Enjoyed partnering with you, Saab, and Fireman Ed. Legs are smoked, arms as well….Enjoyed seeing all you guys, can’t think of a better way to start to the week!