Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Aisle 5 returns


7 strong posted in the rain this week for a RiverRun in standard American English.

Thang:  Run into the park and around the back of the school (found some fun new toys for TwinTeam) then over to the track, a little over a mile.  Speed work – 800 repeats – Run 2 laps hard then a recovery lap.  Repeato until YHC calls time.

Jville and Honeymoon were pushing hard through the 800 laps, YHC knows how much Jville loves speed work and was glad to see him out today.  Wilson and Aisle 5 caught up on their recovery laps, it was no Subaru but it was good to see.

When YHC pulled up there were 2 cars already waiting, 2 more than showed up last week, so YHC was pleased he would have some running company.  Then Aisle 5 (Kotters) stepped out of one of the cars and YHC was even more excited.  He has been limited in action since a knee injury over the summer but it was great to see him back out.  Aisle 5 requested the 3 mile option so YHC accommodated.

Everyone did a great job today, speed work is a little wrinkle that is good to mix in every once in a while.  Thanks for indulging the Q.

Punisher at 6:45 pm today for anyone that wants to try out a PM workout today.

Stay dry, Rosie.


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  1. I do love speed work… however, it hurt like h*** to push out those 800s. Need more! It was great to chase around Rosie and Honeymoon (even though I had no chance of catching either). Enjoyed having Aisle 5 back out. Great Q!

  2. It was great to get a text from Aisle 5 on Sunday night. Forced me to run two days in a row. UGGGG! Catching up was great and we have plans to upgrade the Subaru. Dare I say the vehicle might change! We even WALKED! I hope Aisle 5 decides to come out this week and re-join the gloom more consistently. It was also great to see Lugnut. Seems like all he does is run these days. Well done Rosie. You and Jville flew by me TWICE today. need to work on my speed I guess.

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