Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Miracle Mile – CBOS Edition


18 brave and fearless warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  According to legend, it went a little something like this.

From the parking lot each man grabs a cinder block of success (CBOS) and run to field for COP.

COP: IC SSH X 20, DQ X 10, ACF X 15,  ACR X 15, LBC X 20, FM X 20, Merkin X 10

MIRACLE MILE: Mosey over to track with CBOS and complete four laps in the following style;

  • Loop 1 – Each man runs lap solo with CBOS.
  • Loop 2 – Partner up.  First man runs with two CBOS.  Second man completes 1 burpee then runs to first man.  Once first man is caught, men switch positions.  First man drops CBOS and completes 1 burpee and pursues the second man who picked up both CBOS and started running.  Do this until completion of lap.
  • Loop 3 – Switch partners.  Same as above but with 2 burpees.
  • Loop 4 – Switch partners.  Same as above but with 3 burpees.

PYRAMID OF SUCCESS: Mosey over to the middle of the tennis courts and partner up.  Each partner grabs a CBOS and runs to the opposite end of the tennis court.  Complete the following exercises.

  • Round 1 – 10 burpees the run to middle. Meet partner and complete 10 boo-yah merkins.  Plank when done.
  • Round 2 – 15 squat press with CBOS touching the ground and then being pressed to full extension overhead then run to the middle. Meet partner and complete 10 boo-yah merkins.  Plank when done.
  • Round 3 – 20 kettle bell swings with CBOS then run to the middle. Meet partner and complete 10 boo-yah merkins.  Plank when done.
  • Round 4 – 40 incline merkins.  Complete 20 with right hand on CBOS, left hand on ground.  Then 20 with left hand on CBOS, right hand on ground then run to the middle.  Meet partner and complete 10 boo-yah merkins.  Plank when done.

Pax meet at the end of the court with all men holding CBOS overhead in cadence for a 20 count.  Mosey back to the flag with CBOS.

One Minute of Mary: 20 Copperhead Squats in cadence with CBOS.

Numberama, namerama, COT, Splinter lead us out.

Moleskin: YHC would like to start with a big thanks to the pax for entertaining an unconventional workout.  You men were warriors this morning.  YHC likes to mix up partners.  There’s just something that helps you dig a little deeper when you know a brother is counting on you.TClaps goes to Posh for the monster effort.  Just a few weeks in and your are tackling one of the harder workouts on record.


Hampton Roads 1 Year Anniversary Convergence is on Saturday Nov 11 at 7AM located at Stink HIll.

Our western brothers in CVille are recruiting for the Mens Four Miler on Sunday Nov 12.

Please put October 29th on your calendar for Breaking Bread. Details to come soon.

Crimson 120:  If an hour long sufferfest (Yale Style) wasn’t enough for you, the great Upchuck is hosting a double workout on Saturday 10/21 as a kickoff initiative to have this be a monthly event. See him for details and ask him about the vegan fish tacos in the Porcellian Club. Dum vivimus vivamus.


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