Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpee Timer


6 RVA redwoods posted for YHC’s first shot at the Timberwolf Q.  Lots of space at this AO but we didn’t do much exploring today.

Warmarama – SSH, Moroccan night club, cotton pickers,  Peter Parkers, flutter kicks plus somewhere in there YHC’s watch beeped as a signal for 5 burpees OYO (every 5 minutes the rest of the way)

Mosey back to the tennis courts.  Start at end line 10 merkins, lunge across court 1, 10 squats, lunge across court 2, 10 plank jacks, lunge across court 3, 10 box cutters.  Repeato with 20 of each with bear crawls,  30 of each with bunny hop, 40 of each with crab walk.  Group run around the school to the gate, pick up the 6 on the way back.  

Enter the second set of tennis courts for an abbreviated Nolan Richardson.  Partner up. P1 Run backward across 3 courts, 1 Bobby Hurley at the end, forward to the start.  P2 – 200 squats, 150 merkins, 300 Arm Circles, and 300 Flutter Kicks. Switch until done.  If you finish early 4×4’s (Basically a loaded burpee)

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary with Freddie Mercuries (Jville counting style), American Hammer, APD, 1 leg APD, Crunchy Frogs


After Flatline’s NoToll Q of searching the Exicon for new items, YHC was inspired to do my own search.  Hence the Nolan Richardson, it was only a partial version of the “40 minutes of hell” that the Coach is known for but the full thing should be tried soon.

The burpee timer is so much fun that McRib offered to take YHC’s watch and hold it through the entire workout.  Fortunately there was no mutiny and I am still in possession of the 10 year old Timex.  McRib wondered why YHC sounded so surprised when it kept beeping, I was just trying to keep the spirits up, plus a couple of the PAX had yet to experience the joy of the burpee timer.  McRib carried a heavy load in the Nolan Richardson tearing through the exercises and not leaving much for YHC.

Great to see Bobber and Beaker making it out regularly, unfortunately most of the New Market PAX was stuck in the fartsack.  I would hate for Hallsley to start out numbering them at this AO.

Great work today, leading always provides an extra burst of energy for the day.


Cville 4 miler Nov. 12

10/21 – Puppy Pile and a 2nd hour of Dogpile led by Upchuck.


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  1. Good times and great Q Rosie. Enjoyed the new exercises (4×4 will make a return very soon!) and the Full Nolan Richardson is definitely worth a try. A Burpee Timer cranks up the intensity of any workout and today was no different. Well done! Glad I brushed off the late night and posted.

  2. Great job today Rosie! The burpee timer was a nice way to get in a lot of burpees. Also enjoyed the work on both tennis courts. I was officially done at the end of the 45 minutes. Also glad that Hallsley matched even with the nano region today.

    Great job by all!


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