Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crawlin’ in the Rain


Five of the faithful gathered in the Gloom at Punisher on a rainy Monday morning. Johnsonville (YHC) as a few minutes late on account of a fairly bad single-car accident on 195 by the Woodfin HQ. Praying there were not serious injuries. Chum started things out, and this is how it went down, more or less:

Mosey to west side of school form COP warmup.

Chum led ssh, DonQuiotes, and, when YHC arrived, Hillbillies. I don’t really know what he led prior to the Hillbillies, but I’ve been around long enough to make sh** up.

YHC took over for a slaughter starter a la 10 minutes of burpees.

Mosey around the north side of the school to the bus loop.

Classic descending curb crawl from 8 to 1, or something like that.

COP 20x Dollies

Line up with hands on curb for plank walks in cadence. 20x left. 20x right.

COP 20x Freddie Mercs

Edit: Line up with hands on curb for plank walks in cadence. 20x left. 20x right.

Mosey to soccer field. Line up on end line for Dora with 100x pole smokers, 200x crab cakes, 300x nothing (ran out of time). Runner crab walked 20 steps, then ran to end line and back.

Return to VSF in the driving rain. YHC took us out.


We had a bit of a beaten up, injured crowd this morning. Clavin was nursing a broken rib, so YHC’s lineup of exercises was not idea. He persevered and alternated when needed.

The 10 minutes of burpees seemed light compared to Charles Bronson / wheelbarrows / sand pit crawls last week.

Thanks for letting me lead, Jville


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  1. Big Tennessee on

    It is always good to be part of a Jville workout. The old shoulders are definitely feeling all the crab exercises and curb crawls. Maybe i should have stayed closer to home and tapered at Hoedown.

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