Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A midsummer run in October


5 studs and YHC posted on a sticky Sunday morning for a trail run.

The Thang:

Northside to T. Pottersfield to Buttermilk and back.


2 Pax, Hardywood and Upchuck took the actual route today (I think).  YHC was hurting after the first mile and opted for a straight cross off Belle Isle instead of T. Pottersfield.  The other PAX opted to take a loop up to the war memorial and then back to the route.  Not sure why they visited war memorial, but at least two of the PAX members hated the addition.

Swallow got bit by a bee on the way back. Although he is luckily not allergic, the bee sting still had affects and he limped back to the parking lot.  Hardywood and Upchuck were doing the 1 minute walk, 3 minute run technique.  YHC opted for walk up hill and run down and flat for the final 5 miles.  Either way, it was crazily humid out there today.  Felt like a mid August run only this was mid October.


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  1. Crazy humid…first time running in a while. Thanks to Hardywood for dragging my largess. Much appreciated.

    Also, props to Offshore, Swallow, Shakedown, and Hardywood for crushing the optional hill run at Tredagar. Nice EC.

  2. That may be a new clothes- saturation record. Enjoyed running with all the boys this morning.

  3. Hated to miss it, especially seeing the big turnout.

    There are a couple hornet nests on the trails that have been wreaking havoc on runners this year. Sorry to hear they finally found the pax.

  4. Well done fellas. Thanks for the great conversation Upchuck. Coffeteria at Crossroads was great.

  5. So sweaty. Great run guys but a little slippery there at the end. Sorry I missed Crossroads – the M had to get her run in and then it was back to the mines for me. See y’all next week (with epipen) ?