Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I can hear your heartbeat for the very last time….


Ohh ohh, like a surgeon…  (anyone alive remember Weird Al’s parody of ‘Like a Virgin”?)  Well, it was my VQ and I tried to see if THE CREEK would die on me…

It didn’t die…in the Halloween spirit, they walked around after like the undead though….kinda staggered….

The workout went like this


Mosey:  2 laps around the church, wait in plank

Plank:  right hand up for 30 seconds, left hand up for 30, arm through right, 30 sec., left arm through, 30 sec.

Cop:  10 x arm circles, 15 x 3count merkins, 20 baby situps, 20 side straddle hops, 20 hillbillys, 20 imperial walkers, 10 don quixotes

Plank:  right hand up for 30 seconds, left hand up for 30, arm through right, 30 sec., left arm through, 30 sec.

Global warming:  get into Al Gore in giant circle, circle left.  Q calls 3 count merkins (quantity 10), finish, get up into Al Gore, circle left (we should have circled right), Q calls 3 count side straddle hops.  started circling left again, Q got bored so,

Mosey over to field where there were 2 cylum sticks set up:  everyone paired up and did 4 broken wheelbarrows per individual and waited in plank til all were done.  This one was a buster…we took awhile but THE CREEK rocked it out!!!!  Cylum sticks moved closer to each other once the Q realized that they were ambitiously distanced to begin with.

Indian run around the field, with the last man slowing down at the front in order to keep us together, we did this for about 5 minutes then moseyed back to the cylum sticks.

After the indian run each pax had to carry their partner to the opposite cylum stick four times.  This promptly became piggy back for some of us!!! Everyone got their partner across 4 times though and that’s whats up!

Fairly sweaty at this point, mosey back to shovel flag for cop of 10 x arm circles and I think we did some don quixotes as well.  Numberama, Namearama and then circle of trust with announcements…Reesestrong NEXT SEPT…I think Quaker said that!!!  And prayer with special thanks for our 2.0s….and gone…..POOOF!

Thanks for being so gentle for my first time CREEK!!






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  1. Wow nice VQ Rounders!! Sorry to have missed it but had to get some miles in this morning. I was planning to use Global Warming on Tuesday. Guess I’ll have to change that plan.

    Nice job fellas!

  2. I meant to leave a longer note, but I hit post comment accidentally! Thanks for stepping up this morning Rounders! It was hard getting up that early, but it was worth it!

  3. The Carpenter on

    Strong VQ, Rounders. The PAX struggled but pushed through the waves of pain. This beatdown will be remembered for awhile. As for the announcements, I called out the Reese Strong 5K for September 2018. We can never start too early for Phonics!

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