Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy Hillcrest Trails


2, yes 2, posted a few minutes early just before 1700 for a running beatdown on the hills on Hillcrest.

The Long Route
Running the Loop, but going all the way to Locke Lane. Making the loop just over 2.17 miles. Two loops completed.

When YHC was considering the Wednesday afternoon run, it has been almost a month since my last assault on Hillcrest. When YHC called TYA, he said he was going to do the trails, YHC had no idea that there were trails in Hillcrest; he quickly said no the “Buttermilk trail”. “Oh well”, YHC said to himself. YHC began to suggest that YHC planned to run early, and that since TYA was such an ultra mega supercalifragilisticexpialidocious marathon man; running a few miles at a slowish, almost insigniifcant Bleeder pace miles, a trail run could be easily done afterward with Swirly, Secretly, YHC knew the Woodfin Braintrust was in the happy world of the Budget season, and Swirly was an odds on favorite for being at work late all week. With that, TYA said, “oh just text me if you run, I will run with you.” The Hook had been set. YHC Text was sent about 4:40, the YHC would be a Hillcrest in a few minutes. TYA was waiting at the top of the loop; when YHC arrived.

TYA thanks for running with me, Your pace is everything I’ve got on the flats.


Nov 11 Hamptons Roads Convergence 1 year anniversary
Nov 12 Charlottesville 4 miler – men only

2018 ReeseStrong 5K


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  1. F3RVA is going to have the largest team again in the 2018 Reesestrong 5K. Circle K is already in the planning stages for the CrabFest 2018. I will be ready for the live crabs next year.