Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Piccolo and a Hoedown


Seventeen Tuckahoeians (Tuckahoegans?) gathered around the bus loop for their first ever Hoedown.  5 arrived on foot, only one brave sole one 2 wheels, the others by traditional means.  The excitement was high this morning.  Mosey to the giant paved ocean for COP:

SSH x20
MC x20
Arm Circles forward / backwards x15
Copperhead Squats x15

The Thang
Mosey to the front of the school for some Dora.  Partner up for a combined 100/200/300 of 3 different exercises.  Exercises were incline merkins, box jumps, LBCs.  One partner runs down the sidewalk & stairs to the parking lot & returns while the other performs exercises.  Plankorama when done.

Slide around to the back of the school by the gym for the first iteration of triple check.  Jerkins, Al Gore while third partner bear crawls down the hill and back up.  More Al Gore while the PAX completes.

Pass to Lockjaw for indigenous people pole smoker run.  Everyone grab a pole (virtual or otherwise) and complete flutter kicks.  Person at the end of the line does 5 HTH then runs to the front.  Complete 2 times through.

Quick skip over to the concrete pad by the bus loop.  Second round of triple check including BTTW, elbow plank and lap around the bus loop.

Potporri of exercises to close us out including 25 donkey kicks, ring of fire, box cutters and APDs.

BOM & Honeydo took us out.

Heck of a great first morning for a Hoedown.  YHC would have been happy with 5 or 6 but in the end we had 17.  Two Can was happy that he could wake up and drive 90 seconds to the AO.  He was still LIFO.

They AO may be small, but there are plenty of areas to explore.  No lack of jungle gyms to use for various exercises.  The back field may be best used during a full moon as it is quite dark back there.

Fudd announced to the PAX the exact location where he learned to play the piccolo.  He may have been by himself while he was learning.  Not exactly sure.

Great to see faces YHC normally sees scattered across the various AOs.  Hoedown is on the Q signup sheet so sign up for weeks to come.

– RRRC Turkey Trot registration opened.  Registration here.  Great turkey day run.
– Bear creek registration open also.  First Sunday in December.

Splinter out



  1. Great workout today. The AO is so close that I was able to get up and ready, and then take a quick nap for 10 minutes before strolling over with ample time.

    Hopefully Fudd’s piccolo playing didn’t coincide with the AO today.

  2. Growing up there was a man in my town who would occasionally approach little kids and offer to teach them how to play his “piccolo”…my mom told me to stay away from him.

  3. Great Q today fellas! I agree with Lockjaw and Toucan regarding the close proximity of the AO to the hacienda. That’s hard to beat, despite the questionable name. Speaking of the name, for those that are interested, Urban dictionary has the following to say about the moniker of our newest AO:

    1. redneck gathering, usually involves shouting catchy phrases like “yee-haw” and “the south will rise again”

    2. what a pimp says to his merchandise, while snapping his fingers and pointing to his genetal region

    Combining piccolo playing with either scenario would be perfectly acceptable, IMO.

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