Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Form Police 2.0


Nineteen came out to The Creek for the final day of Tuckahoe Takeover. 10 men and 9 2.0s made for a fun beatdown, start with run around church.

COP – SSH, Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, then tell Pax Form Friday required all pax to call out bad form. Anyone calls out bad form all pax run to end of parking lot and back.

Head to Benches for Donkey Kicks and run 3 rounds. Plank up, bad form called.

Head to curb for Bear Crawls and 15 Merkins, Lunges & Jump Squats  (good shooting form), lights go out so mosey to light at entrance for Pan-Pax Burpees then some mary. Mosey back to benches for AMRAP Dips, 2 sets. Back to the front for slow count Merkins and some more Mary.

NMS – The 2.0s got into the Bad Form Police theme quickly. They seemed to really enjoy the ability to throw things off, we must have ran 5 times per their bad firm calls. YHC really enjoyed it and watching the 9 2.0s, including 3 FNGs, was beyond cool.

Emoji brought a 2.0 not his own, not sure if that is normal.  Good to meet some Daville pax like Tea Party and Pit Bull.

Spit was not kidding that the lights go out at 5:50. YHC was not prepared for it to be that dark.

Silent Assassin signing off



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