Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

VQ, Toll Violation, and Pop-a-Lock


11 were present for Saab’s VQ at SOT as part of Tuckahoe Takeover.  This is what transpired – more or less…

COP:  DQ’s, 5 Burpees, Imperial Walkers, 5 Burpees, Arm Circles, 5 Burpees, LBC’s , 5 Burpees)

Doras:  Merkins, Squats, LBC’s (119, 219, 319).  Partner runs around bus loop

AMREPS:  Go to Courts:  5 Burpees (started with 10), run to other side perform 20 of exercise then return…repeat.  Alternating exercises were Merkins, J-Squats, WWII’s, and Monkey Humpers (by demand).

Ring of Fire, then 5 minutes of Mary (Rosalitas, Box cutters, Heels to Heaven, Flutter Kicks).


Well it has been 19 years since Saab packed his bags and migrated north to the big city.  Although the roads have a changed a bit, all was well on south side and PAX were welcoming as ever.  However, YHC learned the hard way there are no toll operators available at 5:00am.

This was a typical Virgin-Q: YHC had studied the topography from pictures and had a “fair” idea where everything should be located, but it was dark so he needed the occasional guidance so as to not land in the wrong place….took me back to 8th grade.

PAX were great and quite helpful.  Speaking of helpful, so was Scott from “Pop-a-Lock” who had to come and retrieved Saab’s keys.  (Serves him right for taking his son’s car and not studying the auto-lock system.)

Announcements:  Convergence is Saturday (7:00am) at Grid Iron.  Bonus workout is at 6:00am – same location as Convergence.

Please respond to Hardywood’s post if you would like to partake in breakfast and coffee.

Saab abides (when able)



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  1. Great work today guys and thanks for putting up with my nonsense.

    Particular thanks to Rosie for keeping tabs on me as I waited for roadside assistance

  2. As a 2 time customer of Pop a Lock after a workout, no excuses are necessary or accepted. Sounds like a great beatdown Saab

  3. Great Q Saab. I was spent by the time Mary rolled around. Thanks for migrating back down South to give us hope that maybe some of us too can escape Dogtown. You’re a true inspiration… Glad Pop a Lock was there for you today so you could get back across the RIVAH before your 90-minute Visa expired. Come back round here soon, ya hear.

    Great to have Ram Man back out for his second workout.

  4. Nice job Saab! I know I wasn’t there for the whole Q but I’m pretty sure I was there for part of it. Either that or I had a bad dream about darkness, burpees, Curb crawls and amraps.

    Sorry I had to leave early, and for your automobile security transgressions.

    Great job by all and good to see Ram Man back for 2 consecutive workouts.


  5. Well done Saab, the extra dark gloom at SOT is back. Glad you made it back to your side of the river, also that no one at the school suspected anything suspicious.

  6. The cool morning air began to take its toll. I took shelter behind the brick building while keeping an eye for pop-a-lock. School administrators disembarking kids off the buses were dubious.

  7. Sounds like a SOT sufferfest! Well done.

    If you would like to eat on Saturday post convergence, please sign up here


    If you don’t sign up, you will not be fed. I will not hear any of your complaining.

    Go ahead and be super, sign on up if you haven’t already.


  8. Sorry to miss it Saab. Looks like you put the PAX through the paces. Actually glad I missed it. lol