Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The shortest distance to the track is around the school

  1. Fourteen Fiesty men came out to Daville for Theme Tuesday of TT week. The air was humid but the grass strangely free of dew for:

COP- Invisible Jump Rope, Merkins, DQs, Flutterkicks, Helicopters, 50 SSH (for Carpenter)

4 Hoops/4 Corners – 5 Merkins at first Hoop, then increase by 5 up to 4th basket. 2nd round do WWII situps.  Mosey back around school and to middle refuel Depot track for Nascar Laps- 2 pax run loop while PAX does: Bear Crawl, Lunges, & Crab Walk. Once 2 men return switch out exercise and another 2 run.

Head to front of school for Abacus Tribute: Windshield Wipers, American Hammers, Heels 2 Heaven, Freddy Mercurys, LBCS

Head to flag for Burpee Escalator – EMOM burpees 8 up to 12 per minute. Then finish with Guantanamo.

Back to Flag, Phonics took us out.

NMS – Good to see so many PAX dressed up this morning. Working out in khaki shorts and dress socks can be fun. YHC chose a different take on theme by relating to his Daville pax. Hence the Carpenter, Abacus, and Nascar portions. YHC wanted to try that track loop last time. Plus Tuckahoe residents are free from HOAs so each Q can be free to vary their theme.

Circle K made it clear that the mosey to the Nascar loop was the long way around from our COP in the back. Maybe we could have moseyed straight over, blame the Q for not knowing the AO very  well.

Emoji managed to throw YHC off his cadence in the COP with his random numbers. The Burpee Escalator and Guantanamo were both hits as they made their debut at Daville. Lab Rat came out for the COT and to take in the sights, hope you are better soon.

Announcements – Convergence this Saturday. Sign up for food via Hardywood’s Pre-blast. HDHH tomorrow night, see pre-blast as well.





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  1. Thanks for making the trip to DaVille @HoneyDo. Always welcome back. A little extra running around the school is always a good way to shake things up a little. The Burpee Escalator was definitely a good way to quiet any mumble chatter. Great Q

  2. Sorry I had to miss this morning fellas! I hate being out off town! Great job Honey Do looks looks like a solid beatdown!

  3. Great Q Honey Do! Thanks for talking slow so DaVille PAX could understand you. The Burpee Escalator converted the Honey Do workout into a Honey Don’t!