Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One Year Anniversary – The Creek


26 warriors (including nine 2.0s) broke the previous record for The Creek (25) and launched out of the fart sack to engage in a workout that went something like this…

Spit took the Q…

Mosey around the church, run forwards, then backwards, back to forwards, back to backwards


-SSH X52 (For our 52 weeks at The Creek)

-Split Jacks


-Crab Cakes

-American Hammers

-Arm Circles

Suicide Dora
Partner up, first partner does suicides down the side parking while second partner exercises then switch.
Exercise were 50 Burpees, 100 LBC’s, 150 Squats. Help the six complete their sets then plank-o-rama

10 Merkins OYO

Mosey to the field for four corners
– First Corner – 10 Heels to Heaven
– Second Corner – 20 LBC’s
– Third Corner – 30 Merkins
– Fourth Corner – Touch a tree until the six completes

Al Gore then Helix squats for a 10 count.

The Carpenter took the Q…

Mosey to front corner of the church building. Find your Dora partner. One partner headed in one direct and one partner headed in the other direction around the church building.

10 merkins at first corner, 20 merkins at second corner, 30 merkins at third corner, 40 merkins at final corner. High five and yell, “Bring it home!” when you come across your partner.

Circle up.

52 SSHs IC (for the next 52 weeks of The Creek)

10 flutter kicks IC, hold 6 inches for 10 seconds, 10 flutter kicks.

10 copper head squats IC, hold Helix squat for 10 seconds, 10 copper head squats.

10 flutter kicks IC, hold 6 inches for 10 seconds, 10 flutter kicks.

Sprint to the flag. Numberama. Namerama. Announcements.

Spit took us out.


  • Tuckahoe takeover next week – show up!
  • Convergence at GridIron on Saturday, 9/30 – 6 am workout followed by short devotions, followed by 7 am workout.
  • 2018 Reese Strong 5K is coming next year…


It is incredible to think that The Creek started nearly one year ago. Abacus took the initial Q and we missed him this morning. We know that he is dishing out pain down near Charlotte.

Cars poured into the parking lot. Men, boys and 1 girl of all ages jumped out of the cars. Chowdah rolled into the parking lot at 64 mph and blasting BackStreet Boys circa 1999 (“You are my fire… the one desire… I want it that way… Tell me why…”) That song never leaves your head once you hear it…

Spit started the party and the PAX aggressively attacked the workout, especially the Dora Suicides. The mumble chatter was light but the high fives and head nods were prevalent. The Carpenter took over with 15 minutes to go and tried to maximize the punishment for the remaining time. The lights turned off at 6 am and everyone was left in the dark. Some of the PAX seemed to fall asleep during the flutter kicks because the word “recover!” was met with minimal movement. The PAX seemed intent on star gazing as opposed to moving onto the next installment of pain.

The 2.0s were everywhere (including a female – Wheelie’s daughter held her own throughout the morning). There is something special about multiple generations (from age 8 up to 62) facing the workout challenge together.

The first year of The Creek has been a worthy one. There numerous skeptics who did not think that this Friday AO would take root but they were wrong. Happy Anniversary!

Spit (on that!) and The Carpenter


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  1. The Suicide Dora was no joke. The 2.0s didn’t back down from the challenge. My legs are still feeling it. Spit, thank you for letting me team up with you to deliver the beat down!

  2. Beautiful. Well done!!

    I still want to make it out to The Creek to see the multi-generational PAX in action. I’m gonna make it happen.

    Happy anniversary.

  3. I’m humbled by the kids rockin’ it and never wavering, and the support they see from other dads and mentors going against every instinct to stay in bed so they can get up and demonstrate leadership and work to improve themselves — plus give validation and support to the 2.0s following in the adults footsteps. Their increased confidence is tangible, and to still be sore after the workout, in the You-vs.-You gloom is impressive! Onward and upward.