Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One step closer to the Hall of Fame


In a quest for the Hall of Fame (HOF), Triple Option made his first post at BearCountry. Barring an unscheduled fartsack, the HOF induction will be THIS Sat. Show up to support our 8th inductee at StinkHill (Sat., 0700-0800, Mt. Trashmore).

As SpaceMonkey so rightly pointed out yesterday, YHC had a full week to plan this Q; quick audible last week pushed YHC’s BearCountry Q back one week so Mini Me could guest Q. This was well worth it. The plan was modified and this morning looked nothing like what would have taken place last week. Here’s what happened.

The Thang:
30 side straddle hops – In Cadence (IC)
30 mountain climbers – IC
10 merkins – IC
Veinte Don Quixote’s – IC

F3 Jody (see below, Tclaps Deflator) run to the chin-up bars.

Partner sets:
P1 5 chin-ups/pull-ups, P2 squats, flapjack (5 rounds, 50 total chin-ups).
P1 5 inverted rows, P2 has ankles of P1 on shoulders, flapjack (3 rounds, 30 inverted rows).

Snake run the entire home bleachers. Al Gore on the six.

Retrieve the #SuccessDonut (large tire) and roll it out to the parking lot.

Tire Flip Tug-of-War: Team #1 (SubMac, Funny Car, and YHC) flip tire as far as possible in one minute while Team #2 (SpaceMonkey, Deflator, and Triple Option) lunge walk beside tire. Two PAX flip tire at a time while third PAX runs (rotate during minute). After minute, Team #2 flips tire back as far as possible in one minute while Team #1 lunge walks. Winner is determined by whether or not the tire reaches the start line. Two rounds. Team #1 takes round 1. Team #2 takes round 2 with a photo finish.

Five merkins at four consecutive parking spaces. Forward run to end of bus parking spaces (about 100 yards). Side hop (right foot first) around curb. Bernie Sanders (backwards run) to beginning of bus spaces (again about 100 yards). Side hop (left foot first) around curb. Forward run back to tire. Pick up the six.

Mosey back to the shovel flag.

25 WWII sit-ups – On my count (OMC)
Descending merkins (9 wide, 8 regular, 7 diamond, 6 wide, 5 regular, 4 diamond, 3 wide, 2 regular, 1 diamond) – OMC
25 WWII sit-ups –  OMC
10 X-factors – IC
Plank circuit: Up, 1/2 down, down (chest just off the ground), 1/2 down, up, 1/2 down, down,1/2 down, up, right arm up, 10 hip dips, left arm up, 10 hip dips, 1/2 down, down,1/2 down, up.

Circle of Trust (COT):
Counterama, name-o-rama
Story of Joseph. God continually used the evil done to Joseph for good. Good for not only Joseph but also his entire family and the future of Israel. The point, though, is that there was no way for Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers, to know all the good that would come. In the same manner, we will not be able to see the long term good that may come from a season of suffering.
Prayer requests
Ball of Man (BOM)

Naked Man Moleskin (NMM):

YHC almost had the lyrics down to the F3 Jody. Adlibbed a little and mixed up the order of number 2 and 3.

During the run to the chin-up bars and on the way to the bleachers, we were cheered on by FiA (Females in Action) who work out at the high school at 0500.

During inverted rows, YHC made to sure emphasize that partner 2 faces away from partner 1 who is performing the exercise. Triple Option concurred that idea was the best approach.

When snake running the bleachers, YHC went under caution tape at the top bleacher. SubMac reported, “You know that’s probably there for a reason.” Probably so and since we were in the gloom, YHC had no chance of seeing the reason.

Triple Option pinched his finger under the tire while returning the success donut. This occurred when flipping the tire over the curb. Future lesson for PAX: Be very careful flipping an inclined tire.


As mentioned previously, the HOF induction for Triple Option will be THIS Sat. Show up to support our 8th inductee at StinkHill (Sat., 0700-0800, Mt. Trashmore).

F3 Hampton Roads 1-year anniversary will be celebrated on Sat. Nov. 11 at StinkHill. Details are still in the works but mark the day on the calendar and keep the morning clear. Richmond will be joining us.

F3 Jody 1 – Principles

Welcome to the Gloom, This is F3!
Sing the Principles along with me
The first one is: workouts are free
I don’t pay you, and you don’t pay me.
The second one is: open to all men
Bring an FNG every now and then.
The third one is: we’re rain or shine
Hot or cold – Fartsack? Decline!
The fourth one is: rotate the Q
Only Q what you can do.
The fifth one is: end with Circle of Trust
Hold your nose if you must.
Those are the Principles of F3
Go be the best man you can be!


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  1. Nice job on the Jody. as much as I practiced it alone, it was a bit challenging for my first time leading it aloud. A bit more polish, and a bit more coherence from us on the replies should do it!

    I’ll apply my future “hate hate” to that damn tire.

  2. Great job on the first Jody try! I’ll give it a go soon which should be entertaining. And there’s nothing like a good success donut first thing in the morning!

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