Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I have nothing but disdain for your kettle bell


Seven hardy souls found their way out of their fartsacks and gathered in the cool of the pre-dawn to heft their kettle bells and add to their legends.

It went down like this–Warm up:

SSH x 20          arm circles 10 small, 10 big, then reverso          helicopters x 20

Freddie Mercurys x 20         Mountain climbers x 10               Merkins x 10       touch your toes for 30 seconds


Mosey to the curb for 11’s

get on your six, KB press up then lower back over your head, one rep

lunge to the opposite curb, halos


Exercise YHC made up, which went something like this:

Everybody space out around the bus circle, equidistant, with KB, facing so you could see what the next PAX member was doing.  Everyone pick a KB exercise, 15 reps, then run to the next station, leaving your KB behind to be used by the PAX behind you, who would do the exercise you had done.  YHC was doing fine until he hit Mudface’s 40 pound KB, which almost broke YHC.  Next time this exercise is done, YHC will have everyone pick a different exercise as over half of the PAX picked the same one.

Mosey to the flag for lawnmowers and boat/canoe’s led by Chewie.  Nice job, Chewie, way to show off the mean streak by stretching out that last canoe!

Numberama, nameorama, YHC took us out.

Thanks for allowing me to lead.  A huge thanks to Helix, who gave a ride to YHC and Opus, and after dropping off Opus and arriving at YHC’s house, drove YHC back to the AO to find my keys.  Helix, I hope you made your meeting!  Encouraging comment of the day goes to Mudface, who made the comment in the BB title while lifting YHC’s KB.  Perhaps it’s time to go up in weight…    Thanks again–No Idea


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