Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Every Sip Counts


Nine gentlemen conquered the fartsack and were greeted by a thought provoking message at this morning’s Spider Run. The route was a variation of a goodie to share the love for what S Ridge Road has to offer. Basically the reverse devil’s pitchfork.  Routes were:

– Alternate exit path from UR by cutting up by the chapel and along the brick path to the River Road exit
– Work our way over to Westham Station
– Everyone runs along Westham Station to the end then up S Ridge Road to River
– 4 milers turn around and come back
– 5 milers turn left on Old Bridge then right on Highland. Up to River and back
– 6 milers left on Old Bridge to the top, back down then left on Highland to River, back and then up Panorama and back

For those that are wondering about the title of the backblast, there is a story.  As we convened at the commons YHC noticed an appropriate advertising campaign on the back of one of GRTCs finest.  You see, YHC has always been a proponent of drinking a glass of milk after a long run, almost always chocolate milk.  It is as refreshing and re-energizing as the day is long.  For those interested, today was no exception.  I had my fill of milk as soon as I walked in the door.

The slogan today could be taken from multiple perspectives.  Luckily for us, Sippy strolled in just as the bus was leaving and was able to take a picture beside said advertisement.  If you see Marv around campus make sure you hit him up so you can witness the pun.

Speaking of Marv, great to see him out there working the kinks out.  If you didn’t know, milk is full of natural animal proteins and as Sippy will tell us, proteins are vital to the rebuilding of muscle fibers.  Make sure you get your daily supply of milk as you work your way back through recovery.

Apparently, drivers early in the morning are not too excited about seeing Bleeder.  He was greeted with a pleasant exchange of words while crossing River Rd.  To his credit, he was well illuminated and reflected.  Perhaps the disgruntled driver forgot his splash of milk in his coffee this morning and was lamenting his mistake.  Lesson of the day, if you don’t start your day off with the right amount of milk then the day will only go downhill from where you started.

Great to see Gomer Pyle out there this morning.  He admittedly had not run some of these hills in 20+ years.  You slayed them and will be ready for the challenge come November.  When you start working in those longer runs, make sure you consider bag balm.  History tells us it is great for cracked cow udders.  Milking a cow with cracked udders will not yield much milk.  Modern applications are used to prevent all sorts of chafing.  Very important as you embark on your challenge.

All in all a great day.  As you embark upon your day, remember today’s PSA:

“Breastmilk, Every Sip Counts”

Splinter out



  1. Hated to miss the Spider run, can’t say the same about the milk.

    For what it’s worth, ran the Brooklyn bridge several times. It was not the same as our beloved Richmond…(Passers by were about as friendly as the one Bleeder encountered this morning.)

  2. Splinter, you will be shocked to learn that we ended the BRR with UNDRANK BOTTLES OF CHOCOLATE MILK!

    Hey fellas, just wanted to make sure everyone knows about an event coming up that’s important to me. Hammers & Ales 10/7 – I help with the Richmond Community Toolbank and Hammers & Ales is their big fundraiser of the year. BBQ from Buz & Needs & Stone Brewing beers for a good cause! I’m going and hope you will too!

    Click here to learn more:

  3. 24 years. It’s not that long, right Swirly?

    Had only of my first qualifing Ranger team runs on that S Ridge hill in 1991. Hoo-ah.

    Let’s do it again.

    I am taking recommendations for headlamps. More streelights in there than I remember. Messing with my natural night vision.

    Great route and Q Splinter.

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