Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Form Friday


5 redwoods gathered in the Bettie Weaver parking lot on a sunny and 70 morning for a jump start to their Friday.


Mosey to the court behind the school for a warmup of DQ, SSH, IW, good form merkins, and good form flutter kicks.

Mosey to the end of the bus loop – merkins, slow lunges in cadence and burpees in 6-count cadence.

Mosey down the road to the front of the high school.  Squats (touch your ankles), merkins, freddie mercuries.  Run to the bus parking lot, lunges, burpees, find a curb for split squats.  Mosey to the end of the lot, merkins.  Sprint the road across the back and mosey to the turnaround.  More squats and burpees.  Across the hidden bridge that leads behind the football stadium and around to the pull up bars.  4 rounds of 3 dead hang pull ups/10 reverse lunges.  Mosey to the parking lot for merkins, slow Freddie’s, split squats.  Sprint across the parking lot to the poles.  Slow leg raises in cadence.  5 burpees OYO then run up the hill and across the field.

Mary w/ Crunchy frogs, 1-leg APD, American Hammer.  End with 10 slow and good form merkins.


This was a workout in the mold of Toga and Conspiracy, low on the total reps but high on good form.  All of the PAX crushed the workout, as expected with Valet and Jenny Craig easily following the form recommendations.  The new bridge found behind the school is a good shortcut from the tennis courts to the pull up bars that could come in handy later.  While we didn’t use the lights as torture devices, a la Gumbo, there were plenty of lit locations to use around the school for the various stops in the string of pearls.

Keeping the PAX together and working on form were the 2 main goals today.  The consensus was that 750 of any given exercise is a beast of a workout, but 75 can be just as beneficial if good form is kept.  After the first round of 6 count burpees Mr. Roper realized that the slow count is much harder than quick OYO version.  Wheelbarrow noted he is working on a personal pull-up challenge.  YHC will be happy to help out with adding some pullups to the Q whenever the opportunity arises.

Great start to the Friday men, thanks for the opportunity to lead.


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