Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Quattuor Fortis


Pleasant though mildly damp conditions at Circus Maximus with four (4) Gladiators present.


EW series: assortment of common warmup exercises and stretches, negative pullovers, halos and more with rinse and repeats

WD series: lawn mower rows, boats/canoes, squat presses, snatches, WWIIs with presses, curls, merkins, and more with rinse and repeats

Attila series: triple check with high pulls, scissor kicks, and run/weighted carries followed by ring of fire with skull crushers and boats/canoes


Numberama and Namearma

Announcements: (1) 3 Year GridIron Anniversary September 16; (2) Convergence on September 30 at 0600 and 0700 at GridIron (J’Ville working on assigned Qs and attending to other coordinating activities);  and (3) Pre-Gaming at GridIron under Cecil Q now to commence in October (actual commencement date TBD).

Closing prayer by YHC.

MOLESKIN:   The PAX collectively filled the gap of no prior Q commitment. – smooth and efficient.  J’Ville given a Q pass this morning as he recovers from fine BRR effort put forth by the RVA PAX.


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