Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Problem solved


2 F3RVA men went in the gloom that is Green Acres and this is what transpired:

Mosey to Playground for 11s.  10 pullups and run to swings where you put your feet in swing for 1 decline merkin.  Back to pullups for 9 and and 2 decline merkins.  Repeato until 10 merkins and 1 pullups.

Mosey to bench at track for 4 corners. Corner 1=dips x 10.  Corner 2=LBCsx10.  Corner 3=Squatsx10.  Corner 4=WWII situps x10.  Repeato x 3.

Mosey to BBALL courts.  Lunge 1 side, bear crawl side 2, lunge side 3, bear crawl side 4.  Repeato x 3.

Mosey to school building for 4 minutes of Peoples Chair concentrating on maintaining Helix form.

5MOM-APDs, Heels to Heaven, American Hammers.

Mosey back to flag.

Moleskin-With two guys that have known each other for 10 plus years, YHC decided on a low impact workout in order to catch up.  Scully and YHC solved all the worlds problems as the discussion topics of the morning were very diverse.  It was great to spend some time in the gloom with a fellow F3 brother.  Great work Scully.

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  1. Great job fellas! I’ll be back to Green Acres whenever I get a Thursday off from leading middle school small groups!