Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BRR 2018 Training: Peacock Run


Ten of the usual suspects rolled into UR for a beautiful 60 degree morning run.

The thang:

4 milers – take UR drive our to River Road, cross bridge, cloverleaf the exits and back the same way.

5 milers – same as four milers, at bottom of exit ramp head west to stop sign, go left (south) up Southampton to Cherokee, return to beginning after hitting Cherokee.

6 milers – cross bridge, head west upriver to Hickory until Cherokee, return to Southampton, head up Southampton to Cherokee again, return to beginning.

Moleskin: Saab is back! Well, kind of, he seemed in good spirits from the take off. Apparently Flipper has magic hands. Good paces out there today. Glad to hear the 6 milers at least tried the intended route which as Splinter points out might is nearer to 6.25 or so for the 6 mile route. YHC was aiming to keep this a light hill day after the BRR last week, just get the legs moving again, thus the bridge route was chosen. YHC almost took out a Seal Team member running across the bridge, the PAX didn’t seem to mind if this happened.

As noted above, YHC has seen a peacock living in the area near Southampton and Cherokee on his travels to work. The peacock was not seen or heard from this morning, but YHC is hoping he makes an introduction on one of the south of the James runs.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning for a run – great job guys – enjoyed the route Singer !
    Splinter – XL shirts hit my ankles so gotta go with the large – yea it may be a little stretched out across the chest and arms but I’m sure it will fit Saab better than the XL 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. It was great to run with Bleeder today. He was lit up like Christmas…Seals gave him a wide berth.

    I am looking forward to our next Merkin challenge…perhaps I can then fill-out my BRR-XL just like Swirly.

    With extreme caution I say Saab is back baby…until he gets hit by another speeding dog.

  3. Nice work guys.

    And, are Flipper’s hands the magic or is it his LASER (as I say that, I am holding my pinky to my mouth and speaking like Dr. Evil…just picture it)? Heard wonderful things about Flipper’s Laser at NoToll this morning.

  4. Not yet, I’m going to try the method that has worked last 2 years- don’t mention next year’s BRR until January. That way it is far enough removed from Sept she’s forgotten how mad she was but is so far away she agrees to it for the coming year.

  5. Saab I do the work God does the healing!!! Glad it helped… cant have ” Saab’s gimpy ass brought to you by Flipper Chiropractic ” not a good look.