Wednesday, February 24
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Uprooted at Stink Hill


A truly epic beatdown was planned by YHC to amble around the rolling hills of Mount Trashmore. However, with the amazing turnout for the Hampton Roads “Out of the Darkness” suicide awareness and prevention walk (an absolutely perfect event to be relocated by) scheduled for a few hours after our workout, I had to scrap it.  I told the PAX that this would be the easiest workout they would have on this particular morning and I hope I didn’t disappoint.


The Thang:

Warmarama-Side straddle hops, in cadence (IC) (16 … YHC lost track); Imperial Walkers (IC, 15), Don Quixotes (IC, 15), squats (IC, 15), Merkins (IC, 15)

Indian run to the first set of stairs on the left side of Mount Trashmore for some “Burpees on High” … this could be a new Space Monkey Fav! This consisted of you and a partner completing 6 trips up the steps followed by 10 burpees and a return to base camp.  For the first 3 rounds, while one person was ascending the mount, the partner was performing squats.  After each PAX had completed 3 rounds, the stationary person performed side straddle hops while their daring partnered braved the ascent.

Once completed, a short mosey to a gazebo with 2 picnic tables. 20 count intentional thinkers (right side)-left knee on ground, right leg kneeling with thigh parallel to the ground, right elbow on right knee, right hand balled into fist, right index finger under chin.  Form is critical for this.  YHC called down and PAX counted up to 20.  Next, a round of 11s.  The PAX ran to a nearby equally outfitted gazebo for 10  dips, ran back to the original gazebo for 1 big boy sit-up.  Normal 11 –style progression with fewer dips and more big boys except the method of locomotion changed each time.  With many moves stolen from Deflator’s playbook, the PAX lunged, bear crawled, crab walked, overhead clapped, shoulder circled, and sprinted to completion.

Another 20 count intentional thinkers (left side) was followed by another partnered exercise. One person ran to three different locations and performed 5 merkins at each spot while the other persisted in a Balls-to-the-Wall orientation for as long as possible.  After the first round, an audible was called to switch to plank if necessary.   Each PAX completed 3 rounds of this.

Then, mosey back to the flags. Countarama, Namarama, and Devo:

YHC confided that I had a root canal earlier in the week and wanted to look up what the “root of all evil” was in the bible under the pretenses that a tooth infection would be the answer. Instead, I found Hebrews 12:15 about the “root of bitterness:”

“Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.”

The first half of this is really what going back and picking up the “6” is all about. By making sure that we all arrive together and all complete the task, we ensure that no one will fail to receive the grace of … at least surviving the latest beatdown.  The second half really speaks to being ever-mindful of the relationships you have with others but also the relationships between those around you.  If you sense or know of conflict, work to create an environment where this issue can be brought out and addressed in such a manner as to engender respect for differing opinions and confidence that resolution can be achieved.  The “root of bitterness” is exceedingly pernicious and once embedding, will become exponentially more difficult to remove.

Ball of man with many prayer requests. Not sure about confidentiality so they will not be stated here.  Suffice it to say that the PAX, being human, have seasons on conflict and many are in just that season.  Keep them in your hearts and prayers and seek opportunities to provide assistance if needed.


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