Saturday, December 3
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tired legs and a cracked rock


YHC took the Q on the fly this morning, after taking a look at Swirly and seeing that he not did have his usual pep (the BRR will do that to you).  The workout went something like:

Mosey around circle:

COP.  DQs, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters, Push-Pull Squats, In place lunges, and Merkins.

Mosey to rock pile and take a rock.  20x rock throws, 20x tenderizers, 20x crossover merkins, 20x WWIIs with rock.

Mosey to tennis courts for: Merkin Plank-a-rama.  One Pax gets into elbow plank, while the second puts a heavy rock on the planker’s back and does 15 Merkins (on the court) and then removes the rock.  Flip roles and Repeat 4x.  Mosey around the tennis court.

Head back to do 20x tenderziers and 20x WWIs with rock.

Mosey to tennis courts for set 2 of Merkin Plank-a-rama.  Same as first time, but the Pax does 8x crossover pushups on a second rock.  3 sets.

Mosey to rock pile to put back rock.

Mosey to flag for: Cross leg lifts and Flutter kicks.

COT–YHC took us out.

Moleskin.  Beautiful morning for a workout this am, and it was nice to be with Swirly who ran/walked/limped over from his house.  YHC focused on the core and arms this am to spare more beatings to his BRR shredded legs.  Swirly’s rock cracked in 1/2 during the rock throws, and that lightened his load a bit. The Merkin Plank-a-rama was a real crowd pleaser as both exercises came with some good dread.  It was also nice to hear a recap of the BRR.


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