Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Caring for calluses


Three regulars posted for this week’s Circus Maximus. YHC arrived in the Mills Godwin High School parking lot with a handful of minutes to spare and at the same time as Attila.  As the ShovelFlag was being planted,  Johnsonville arrived.  After briefly questioning Johnsonville about his decision to post prior to taking a seat in the ClownVan for BRR later in the day, we got started with this Thang:

Imaginary (yes imaginary) Jump Ropes x 25, 20 each of Imperial Walkers, Don Quixotes, Helicopters, and Russian Solders, and 15 x Arm Circles to and fro and big and small.

Without a mosey, we started an EMOM with an 8 minute duration, alternating between Two-Handed Kettle Bell Swings and some other thing YHC forgot – 20 reps per minute target.  Suitcase carry across the parking lot with Bell in one hand for 25 SSHs and suitcase carry back in the other hand.

Another EMOM with an 8 minute duration, alternating between One-Handed Overhead Shoulder Presses and Lawnmower Pulls (aka Crab Pot Pulls) – 10 reps per side per minute.  Waiter carry in one hand across the parking lot for 25 SSHs and waiter carry back with the other hand.

Another EMOM with an 8 minute duration, alternating between the Sit and Press and Kettle Bell Merkins – 15 reps per minute.  Stayed put for 20 x Pullovers, Skull Splitters, and APDs – two rounds.

COT.  Attila took us out.

Announcements:  1) BRR underway – have fun boys,  2) ReeseStrong 5K and Circle K Crabfest upcoming, 3) September 30th convergence – Q coverage being sorted out soon so stay tuned and do some EHing on new dudes and Kotters, and 4) down the road – Bear Creek in December and Bel Monte in 2018.


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