Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An Apocalypse Several Standard Deviations from the Mean (using a Gaussian Distribution)


Four steely horsemen saddled up and secured their headlamps for the latest edition of the RAMM (no takers on RAMM Gears).  With temps fluttering just below sunny and 70 (but nonetheless extremely comfortable), here’s how it went down…YHC surveyed the group (4 milers?, 5 milers?, 6 milers?) and found a consensus to run in a pack…reverse Carillon, 5 mile route.  BT and Splinter set forth with long strides while Sippy Cup and YHC maintained a steady 1.5 strides per BT/Splinter stride, and still fell behind (YHC was clearly the anchor).  45 minutes later…all was done.

Number-rama, Name-a-rama, announcements, and YHC took us out.

BRR starts today…keep those guys in mind
Reese-Strong 5k next weekend…sign up now
Convergence Sept 30th from 6-8 (or just come for an hour).  Location = Gridiron
Sign up for 2018 BRR starts Monday…see TYA

With Swirly dispatched to monitor the 209 mile AO that is the BRR, YHC took it upon himself to arrive early to evaluate the AO this morning.  YHC arrived at MM at 2:13 a.m. (is that a record, Corporate?) on the way home from the airport.  All was clear and in order.  YHC considered just sleeping there, but figured Richmond’s Finest might object, so YHC dispatched himself homeward for some zzz’s.  Returning at 5:22 a.m., all remained in order, essentially unchanged (same cars, same spots).  “Nichts zu berichten.”  YHC parked in Swirly’s spot with BT pulling into TYA’s.

YHC appreciated Sippy Cup down shifting today to keep up with YHC’s pace.  Not only is YHC thankful for the company, but YHC was absolutely fascinated by Sippy’s descriptions of protein level cancer research.  Sippy had better start running faster or he has doomed himself to six months of YHC’s questions.  Inspiring stuff.  YHC will never call a statistical distribution “normal” again – the word is Gaussian.  YHC will demonstrate by using it in a sentence, “I’ll take ‘Gaussian Distributions’ for $1,000, Alex.”  It’s also highly possible that YHC has botched this example and / or the spelling.

All else aside, YHC was expecting today to be a tough one after a long day (including the wee hours arrival) spent  preparing in south Florida for Hurricane Irma with his work team.  YHC then spent several hours in the Miami International Airport, where the human cocktail contained inexperienced travelers galore dragging along kids, grandparents, in-laws, and seemingly every pet or animal-that-passes-for-a-pet (macaw, anyone?) in south Florida.  YHC found himself watching exasperated travelers, many appearing to be of reasonable means, exhorting ticketing agents for special treatment to get kids, grandparents, in-laws, and seemingly every pet or animal-that-passes-for-a-pet onto a flight to anywhere out of the storm’s path.  In the word’s of one traveler, with not a drop hyperbole,”If I can’t get out, I might die here.”  This seemingly had little impact on the agent, who YHC guesses was planning to ride out the storm “here,” and clearly wanted to say,”I might die here too.”  YHC realized his own need for sensitivity training when his in-flight beverage arrived ‘with ice’ when the request was ‘no ice.’  On second thought, anything on the way to a safe spot will be just fine.  In general, a sobering reminder of the gifts YHC enjoys in his life (roof, food, great family, safe place for family, and opportunity to “leave” when the going gets tough).  YHC suggests loading both barrels with prayers this weekend for the folks in Florida and the Caribbean who have or are going to experience a monster of nature’s power multiple exponents greater than anything most of us have seen.  TV won’t do it justice.

Final note: happy birthday to my mom…a spry 78 today.  Thanks for being you (Yeah, I said it.  My mom reads my back blasts.  What’s it to you?)


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  1. Great run today boys. I especially enjoyed hearing the stories this morning then reading the same ones in the backblast!

    Well done Mr Chuck

  2. Thanks, UpChuck. I enjoyed your questions and also talking science to a non-expert. You were quite insightful considering the lack of sleep! I’m glad you were able to escape South Florida, and your description helped me better imagine what it is like there now and put a good perspective on what I have here.