Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mutiny aboard the SS Lab Rat


Eighteen strong battled off the fear of showers to post for what they thought was to be a Lab Rat Q.  Three from the Tuckahoe nano-region conspired and planted the Ghost Flag promptly at 5:27.  Splinter commandeered the Q and, after verifying Lab Rat was ready, promptly departed @ 5:30.  Mosey to the semi-lit area to the south of the Carillon for COP.

SSH x20
Don Quixote x10
Arm Circles 10x 5x, forward and backward
Copperhead Squats x15
Merkins x10
Flutter Kicks x10

The Thang
Quick mosey to the wooden stage for a variation of touch a tree.  Partner up with one partner repeatedly muscling up on the stage while the other partner touches a corner of the Carillon.  Second iteration was lunges and two corners.  Third iteration was jump squats and lap around the Carillon.  Plank up in between sets.  Pass to Lockjaw for segment 2 of mutiny.

Slip over to the rusty cage to pick up our favorite leaking coupons.  Everyone grab a sack and head back to the front of the stage for 4 corners with a sack.  20 of each of the following 4 exercises with your sack.  Sit ups, squats, military presses, tricep extensions.  Run between corners carefully toting sack to the next station.  Repeat a second time with 12 of each exercise.  Pass to Honeydo for mutiny v3.

Slug our sacks back over to the rusty cage and deposit them where they belong.  Partner up for 2 sets of 8 jerkins.  Al Gore while everyone finishes.

Run sackless to the front of the Carillon for a tribute to the BRR.  TYA correctly announced that there are 36 legs in the BRR.  Honeydo took the opportunity to complete 6 sets of 6 burpees, alternating between the top and bottom of the Carillon.

Jog to the near circle for some mary including APDs, heels to heaven and closing with american hammers.  Give it all you got back to the flag.

Tuckahoe chatter over the past week has been centered around the appropriate and best usage of the previously acquired Ghost Flag.  Upon noticing sequentially planned Lab Rat Qs this week, the opportunity seemed too good to pass up.  Honedo, Lockjaw and Splinter conspired to take one off Lab Rat’s hands.  TClaps to Lab Rat for handing over the ship so peacefully.

There were a few questionable noises arising from the gloom during COP.  This time not from a PAX member but something in the ether.  YHC was comforted to find out that Swirly had a bead on the source of the noises and they were always under watchful eye.  Securing the AO doesn’t stop once the workout starts.

Everyone, YHC included, loves a good sack joke.  The best of the day must have been when Hutton was running back to the rusty cage with his ruptured sack.  His sack was leaking contents all over the gloom.  Be well brother.

Honeydo, as always, took it to another level with the 6×6 burpees.  Way to bring the pain at the end of the workout.

Lab Rat – enjoy the Ghost Flag.

Always a pleasure to lead, especially when unexpected.

– Races Galore
– Bear Creek registration is open
– 12 hour endurance race – Legend Brewing Ultra.  12 hours of running
– Convergence last weekend of September.  6&7 workouts @ Gridiron

Splinter out



  1. Well done TT – love the mutiny and the beatdown. Hate to hear about a ruptured sack…does Bag Balm cure that?

  2. I do love a good surprise mutiny! Loved it this morning, well done you three!

    So much for catching up to TYA on the Q Big data…..the only one I stand a chance on!

  3. Well executed mutiny. Good to see the Ghost Flag is well and that the first Q takeover is of the creator of the GF no less.
    I think bag balm can be used for almost anything, it is the original multi-tool for skin per it’s website.

  4. Thanks for playing along Lab Rat. Now we have precedent for someone with the GF stealing a Swirly Q. I think the Tuckahoe micro region had over half the guys there at WDog, does Scrappy count?

  5. Thanks again Splinter for your Lab-Rat-esqe apology. I realize you were just trying to put an end to my complaining.

    Of note, my sack held up quite well after tying a string around it.

  6. This is just a sample of what is in store for the week of TT later this month.

    Labrat, thanks for being a sport about the takeover and abdicating the Q. Enjoy the flag, but don’t get too comfortable with it.